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in a relaxed manner


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The skin hung slackly off his jaw, perhaps because he was a little overweight, although he was young, not much older than Elsa.
The result hangs a tad slackly between thriller and procedural, but still holds attention throughout.
Boyd said: "We were slack at the start and finished slackly. It was unacceptable.
Appendix: Moses's last sermon, lines 1443-94 Wherefore obserue my words, which our lord by my mouth commands you When thou unto the lord thy god hast sworne or made a vow Frustrate make not thy word, nor slackly do the same fulfill 445 For the same at thy hands require be sure our lord god will.
Emnes and new boy Emmanuel Ledesma scored before Bury pulled one back from a slackly defended corner.
Starting slackly, Liverpool were two down inside half an hour, with Davies and Reo-Coker both given the freedom of the Reebok to punish alarmingly hesitant defending.
"I have a terrific headache," he said before slumping in his chair, eyes vacant, his mouth yawning open slackly. Rutherford and Elizabeth Shoumatoff, the portrait painter, screamed in horror.
transmission standards enunciated by the IETF and the FCC's slackly
Unlike years earlier when the young girls of Ruby needed protection from the threat of the circling cars, when their "guns [were] not pointing at anything, just held slackly against thighs," now the men have their "clean, handsome guns" trained on the convent women (13, 3).
Respect and deference to authorities are sunk to almost nothing.--Religious observances are not only slackly attended, but spoken of with contempt and derision.
And other players are lined up to come in who I am sure will improve the squad for next season." To start so slackly in a game of such importance was embarrassing.
The words, all of which occur no more than five times within Shakespeare's dramatic canon, are: gyves sb., physic v, amplify v, blazon v, ruby sb., outwardly adv., tempter sb., aptness sb., commix v, spongy a., slackly adv., feat a., rudeness sb., usury sb., and pervert v.
Another weak point, which is commonly (mis)used by the political elites in order to pursuit their own interests, are the slackly rules in the field of the conflicts of interests.
until we were both standing naked in the harsh gray light, two naked members of the same species, a male and a female, the male somewhat younger and less scarred than the Female, the female somewhat less delicately constructed than the male, both individuals pale-skinned, with dark thatches of hair in the area of their genitals, both individuals standing slackly, as if a great protracted tension had at last been released.