slack off

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Synonyms for slack off

become less in amount or intensity

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It's probably easier than you think to slack off once you've scored a few goals but that's not what we want to do.
Unlike a friend or colleague, a man's best friend won't cancel on you, give excuses, moan about the weather or slack off the pace.
Diesel, the maker of jeans for hot girls, has released an app that allows you to slack off at work without having your boss catch you on Facebook.
You might have a nice car and some money but you can't just slack off.
The only child of two busy professionals in Toronto, Kevin at 13 is starting to slack off at school and drop his activities; his parents are concerned, but not enough to change their schedules to pay more attention to their son.
And, increasingly, competitive colleges "are looking for kids willing to take challenging courses," he says, "not kids who slack off in the final year.
Although they're forced to do a lot of work when they'd prefer to slack off, students are pleased with their results.
and our classes usually have no more than five students, so no one can slack off.
I'm certainly not going to slack off now, '' Davies said.
They know they can't slack off," Churchill says of the students.
I tried to be a bit more serious, the way I was in Paris, because you can't win one Slam and slack off.