slack off

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Synonyms for slack off

become less in amount or intensity

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People who are already motivated could well feel the urge to slack off and the only ones who benefit from the drink would be slackers.
We started really well and scored early on but seemed to slack off a bit after that.
com offers streaming radio Internet programming if students want to slack off when they should be working.
If we slack off, we know they're going to slack off.
I'm certainly not going to slack off now, winning this medal has given me a real taste for success and made all the hard training worth while,' said Davies.
I tried to be a bit more serious, the way I was in Paris, because you can't win one Slam and slack off.
We scored four and could have had a few more but I was really pleased with the fact that we didn't slack off after going two up.
Others' experiments with male-dominant species suggest that males slack off on parenting when they have evidence the chicks are not their own.
A former member of the Paul Sanasardo Dance Company, she encourages beginners to work just as hard as professionals, and she never allows professionals to slack off.
Many slack off on their exercise program, lose much of their fitness, and end up working twice as hard to 'get their body back' come next summertime.
Teva Pharmaceuticals, Chevron Texaco, and Murphy Oil have seen their relative-strength performance slack off slightly of late.
JIM O'BRIEN last night insisted there is no chance he will slack off just because Motherwell failed to make the top six.