reinforced concrete

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concrete with metal and/or mesh added to provide extra support against stresses

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A slab floor is poured and drywall can easily be attached to special ribs on the interior.
In terms of energy efficiency, it would be interesting to know more about the behavior of concrete slab floor systems versus wood floor over crawl space systems, as well as the behavior of wall structures that include different insulating materials (e.g., wood panels or polystyrene) and siding (e.g., plywood or bricks).
A typical house within the project is an 11ft by 22ft, two-room home with a slab floor, stucco-finished exterior, two windows and a door.
The library closed in January after water seeping through the concrete slab floor marred the carpet and prompted complaints about a moldy smell.
Our centre-piece tree is the first thing to greet you as you enter the bar, and it looks surprisingly at home on the stone slab floor, adding a splash of colour to the neutral-coloured walls.
It still has the original wooden counter, a sitting room, dining room, kitchen (with old well under the slab floor), three bedrooms and a bathroom.
'A concrete contractor installed a slab floor in a new dormitory and left out a conduit that was supposed to run between two major wiring closets,' he says.
For a second-floor tub, or a first-floor tub over a finished basement or on a cement slab floor, you may or may not have an access opening in the wall behind the plumbing end of your tub.
* Dyed and Waxed Concrete Slab Floor: A low-emission water-based wax provides a low maintenance finish while eliminating concrete dust.
The concrete slab floor will help maintain a comfortable temperature.
Its thick walls and slab floor absorb heat and cool the rooms on hot summer days; at night, they release the stored heat into the air.
Completed, the access floor becomes a monolithic slab floor with a plenum below.
Frankby, pounds 2,100pcm THIS large sandstone property has been modernised to a high standard and offers an original slab floor entrance with wooden staircase.
The test rooms were heated using in-floor-heating tubes embedded in a concrete slab floor. The four rooms each had a different insulation configuration to study the effects of insulation placements on heat losses.
With few exceptions, visitors to Equinox House ask how much insulation is below the concrete slab floor. There is no insulation below the floor.