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writing formed in the sky by smoke released from an airplane

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Septimus's initial response to the skywriting is authentic, and it reveals his genuine pleasure in the moment.
Someone's currently flying over New York, skywriting "GET REAL
A digital skywriting message, which uses a dot-matrix system for lettering and takes five aircraft to produce, typically is the size of a skyscraper and can be viewed from 15-plus miles, he says.
In 1922, Captain Cyril Turner of the Royal Air Force gave the first public skywriting exhibition, spelling out, ''Hello USA.
During the dictatorship, Zurita used skywriting over New York City to present lines from his poetry.
A rep for the skywriting company Skytypers told TMZ.
For our parameter set, skywriting is turned on for both the skin and the core exposures.
It can be via Skype or skywriting, texting or--what a concept--via a face to face conversation
The connection, however, may yield disappointing results: what if all there is to the skywriting is toffee?
Escaping, the parrot then metamorphoses into a skywriting aeroplane tracing a map of Dublin.
Returning home, an inspired Art Smith breathed out upon the window of the interurban whisking him north, and in the fog now clouding the car's glass he spelled out, with a trembling finger, the name of the creators and in so doing prefigured his own invention of skywriting in the rapidly approaching future.
Smoke and smog weren't an environmental blight, but the skywriting of jobs.
Invisible Children says people should be creative by using everything from skywriting to mowing the campaign's triangles into sports fields.
The skywriting, the cameras, the chaotic atmosphere recall how Fellini begins his film with all of Rome looking up to the sky as a helicopter transports a statue of Jesus across the city.