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a very tall building with many stories

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The skyscraper has been announced for sale on the site of Chinese Internet giant Alibaba.
Looking at skyscrapers as a symbol of urban life and increasing populations of blacks in cities, this architectural and literary study explores how conceptions of race have affected architectural design and charts the impact of architectural design on conceptions of race, during the period bounded by the first skyscrapers in the 1880s to the completion of the Empire State Building in 1931.
Furthermore, the company contributes in the construction of prefabricated concrete used in the construction of foundations of skyscrapers, including the Iconic skyscraper.
class="MsoNormalBREATHTAKING class="MsoNormalAnnouncing the awards, Emporis, a leading repository of information on building and construction projects and based in Germany, said that Britam Tower was the first skyscraper in Africa to feature among the winners since its inception in 2000.
Rawson Marshall Thurber's "Skyscraper" may not be quite as memorable, but it has a spirited story to tell us.
While promoting his new film 'Skyscraper' in China, the actor chanced upon a young girl who touched his heart as she expressed her love for the actor in English.
The 15 month-duration sincethe former bridge linking Wallasey and Birkenheadis longer than the 13 months taken to build the Manhattan skyscraper, which towers at over 100 storeys and was built back in the early 1930s.
Universal Pictures has shared the first full trailer for Dwayne Johnson's upcoming action thriller Skyscraper, following a short teaser clip yesterday.
The mixed-used 101-storey hotel and residential development - Marina 101 - was the tallest completed skyscraper in Dubai last year - scaling 425 metres.
The Durst Organization's pyramid-shaped Via 57 West has been named the best new skyscraper in the annual Emporis Skyscraper Award.
THE skyscraper was born in the United States, but in recent years, it has grown and flourished in Asia.
The city's developers are certainly not going to let go of the skyscraper habit.
The financial sector might be nervously glancing over its shoulder at China's apparent economic slowdown, but there are seemingly no such concerns in the world of Chinese skyscraper construction.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran will soon see its first skyscraper in its capital, Tehran.