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a very tall building with many stories

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The skyscraper is expected to cost $816m (AED3bn), which includes the cost of the plot on Sheikh Zayed Road.
Dwyane can be seen saving his family trapped in a building 244 floors above the ground in a skyscraper.
The building is a hybrid between an European perimeter block and a classic American skyscraper.
Over a century ago, New York and Chicago demonstrated that the skyscraper is, fundamentally, a solution to an economic problem: how to allow for hundreds, if not thousands, of people and businesses to be at the same place at the same time.
The city's developers are certainly not going to let go of the skyscraper habit.
On the contrary, they say that a skyscraper is one of the safest places to be in during an earthquake.
His pioneering work in skyscraper design was rejuvenating the design profession as he developed new ways of framing tall buildings, dramatically improving structural efficiency and economy," she added.
The financial sector might be nervously glancing over its shoulder at China's apparent economic slowdown, but there are seemingly no such concerns in the world of Chinese skyscraper construction.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran will soon see its first skyscraper in its capital, Tehran.
ACCORDING to Knight Frank's recently published 'Skyscrapers 2015 Report', a supplement of their annual Global Cities report, the world's cities are in the midst of a skyscraper building boom.
3 meters (365 ft) tall a third of the Shard Europe's highest skyscraper.
I got a trail camera picture of a buck I later named Skyscraper, a 160-class 12-pointer with a split brow tine.
The unknown people painted blue a star on top of one of Moscow skyscrapers and hung a yellow and blue flag of Ukraine on the skyscraper in Moscow last night.
The Imperial 3 is a proposed 400 metres (1,312 ft) 116 floors Supertall residential skyscraper in Mumbai, India.
Skyscrapers account for only 1 percent of the deaths, meaning that residential structures are 24 more times likely than a skyscraper to kill a bird each year.