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Synonyms for skylark

brown-speckled European lark noted for singing while hovering at a great height

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Made up of singer and violinist Emma Davis and guitarist and singer Alex McRae, Skylark Song put their now-honed folky-blues-inspired sound down to an organic writing process.
uk Skylarks use the plots for nesting and they can help extend the available breeding season, with 50% more chicks produced in winter cereal fields containing skylark plots compared to those without.
The 120 Skylark restaurants re-opened on 26 September after having been shut down in August, the sources said.
Several protected birds nest in heather and gorse bushes, including the skylark, stonechat, red grouse and curlew.
With payment due on Monday, Skylark will boost its capital base to reduce its interest-bearing debts totaling 200 billion yen, the Tokyo-based company said.
Dr Peter Robertson, the RSPB's conservation manager for northern England, said: "It's a mixed story for Yorkshire, but the increases in farmlands birds like lapwing and skylark are extremely welcome as across the UK these birds are declining markedly.
ANSWERS: 1 The yak; 2 They are islands in the Inner Hebrides; 3 The dog Lassie; 4 Arthur; 5 Austria; 6 Cathode rays; 7 Chopin; 8 The Korean War; 9 Housewife, 49; 10 The skylark (To a Skylark).
1 skylark are 1 among the species at risk unless set-aside is replaced with schemes that include fallow land, says the RSPB
Scientists believe that simply by leaving two small patches bare on each hectare the drop in skylark numbers could be reversed.
Elbit Systems has developed the Skylark C, a new highly autonomous Mini Unmanned Aircraft System (Mini-UAS) specifically designed and built for martime applications.
Offering support are two fine local acts in SKYLARK SONG and THIS LITTLE BIRD.
On this list are the song thrush, starling, sparrow, skylark, lesser redpoll and the linnet.
Japanese financial group Nomura (TYO:8604) is in final negotiations to sell restaurant chain Skylark to US private equity firm Bain Capital for JPY280bn (USD3.
By also selling two subsidiaries, Skylark eyes a total 50 billion yen in fresh funds, they said, adding the company will use the money to repay interest-bearing liabilities amounting to some 200 billion yen.