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Subordinate level motion verbs, such as skulk and scamper, have a lower frequency of occurrence than basic level related categories (e.g.
If the last Congress - especially the GOP freshmen - appeared to approach government cuts with a swagger, the current crop of legislators seems to skulk, hoping to offend no one, especially such noisy organized constituencies as senior citizens, labor unions, and environmentalists.
Down: 1 Observe, 2 Eyeliner, 3 Knot, 4 Well done, 5 Pour, 6 Kenya, 8 Teacher's pet, 13 Envisage, 14 Implicit, 15 Cottage, 18 Skulk, 20 Enid, 21 Plan.
To which animal does the collective noun a skulk apply?
I haven't noticed any more about this, and wonder if it's still in place - if so I presume secret passages have been provided so we can skulk off out of sight.
He comes bearing Skulk, a fifth album of soulful English music, plus a sheaf of industry awards and the wherewithal to locate folk music in its rightful landscape: the modern world.
So then he could "officially" screw up, alienate the second best player in the team with his disdain, skulk around with a sour face all weekend and appear to be enjoying the whole event as much as a jockey with piles on Derby day.
But while jilted Fred sticks with the plot, dizzy Maureen will skulk off into the sunset and a new life with handyman Bill Webster.
These cryptically-camouflaged waders skulk in the undergrowth where they are virtually invisible against the fallen leaves but become active at dusk and fly out to feed by streams and on waterlogged ground.
They were utterly sad and dispiriting - images of a beautiful young woman forced to skulk around in the service lift and corridors of a Parisian hotel to avoid the attentions of the paparazzi outside.
Drivers' fury as sneaky speed cops skulk behind trees
They skulk deep inside spiny sea buckthorn bushes, greedily gobbling up the juicy berries.
The actor said he tended to skulk about a lot more when he goes out to do everyday things.
A wide variety of warblers also skulk amongst bramble and elder bushes.
IT WOULD have been easier to skulk out a side door and shun the spotlight.