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characterized by nervousness and quickness to take fright


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Banks attributed their skittishness to the regulator's "stricter oversight of banks' real estate exposure along with banks' reduced tolerance for risk," according to a special section on the property sector in the BSP's quarterly senior loan officers' survey.
So be prepared for a little skittishness in stocks if we continue to see strong economic news.
Moreover, political noise could increase investor skittishness as the US Federal Reserve's tapering of quantitative easing draws closer.
She was fully up to its technical demands and its many mood changes, from tortured Picture: Mustard Seed Media Photography introspection to almost hysterical sKittishness.
While Beckerman warned that the green paper would be used by some interest groups as a call for new laws addressing online infringement, that prospect seems unlikely, not just because of the government shutdown, but because of skittishness among lawmakers to start anything like the unprecedented protest that sidelined the last major piece of antipiracy legislation, the Stop Online Piracy Act.
In his keynote speech to the International Investment Forum of the 17th China International Fair for Investment and Trade in Xiamen, China, Kituyi said skittishness about the investment environment means that US$ 6 trillion remains idle on corporate balance sheets.
But retail skittishness goes both ways: retailers are scared to take a chance, and property owners are fretful over which channels to enter.
When its price rises, it is a sign of skittishness about economic health, the dollar's value and inflation.
Among the topics discussed at the forum today were economic expectations and forecasts in view of the current economic uncertainties engulfing many world markets, and investor skittishness investing in euro-dominated economies because of the shakiness of the status of the euro.
The evidence can be found in the number of young volunteers helping the flood-devastated town of Krymsk, and in the skittishness of some Russian officials about such volunteers.
Traders' skittishness towards the euro was visible in the options markets, where one-month euro/dollar implied volatility was last around 10.
Wary about risk, losses and duplicative efforts, European bondholders scrutinize spending and intended targets - such skittishness limits stimulus spending.
While there was a sKittishness to the songs and sKetches that drew laughter, it was only the freedom of an improvised scene that brought this show to life.
Ultimately," she said, "when people get a better understanding of what these technologies do and see a usefulness that counterbalances their skittishness, adoption will start.
She seems almost too mature for the part, failing to project the character's skittishness and vulnerability.