skirting board

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a molding covering the joint formed by a wall and the floor

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Mr Hoade noted a "large red area on the wall above the skirting board" and told Mr Grehan: "Ana's head was in contact with that area when she was struck."
The coaches would stand behind them and feed the ball in off the skirting boards. It would come at you from all angles.
Paul McNulty was part of a conspiracy to transport the Class A drug down from Merseyside to Bristol before wads of cash were discovered under his stairs and behind his skirting boards at his home in Grenadier Drive, West Derby.
A RED hot log burner threw off so much heat in a terraced home that it melted off plaster and scorched skirting boards - in a house next door.
Use a countersink when drilling the holes to ensure that the screw head will be flush with the skirting board.
The plasterboard must be secured and the joints made good, electrical fittings need to be reconnected, the skirting board refitted and finally the room redecorated.
A FAMILY is asking for help to track down the author of a mysterious note which lay hidden under a skirting board in their home for decades.
The paper stops the caulk falling behind the skirting board, or you can use thin strips of plywos od.
A I would simply stuff some newspaper into the holes in the skirting board so it's behind the surface of the board and then fill over with Carlite Bonding Plaster and leave until it's dry.
The disadvantage is that you'll have a double thickness of tiles, which can be tricky around electrical sockets and at skirting board and ceiling levels.
While the woman was out he screwed eyelets and handles into the sitting room skirting board - as detailed in his plan.
And that's how you install a skirting board by yourself, using materials readily available at your local Homebase.
QI HAVE a skirting board in the bathroom where the paint keeps coming off because water splashes over the sink.