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an Asiatic herb cultivated in Europe for its sweet edible tuberous root

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Perennial crosnes and skirret are hardy in Zones 4 to 8.
Historians trace skirret back to China and to ancient Roman cookery.
I acquired my stand of skirret from Poland while researching medieval Polish cookery.
Crosnes do well in damp locations, and skirret is quite at home on swampy ground or a bank along a stream.
After the plants revive in warm spring weather, the roots lose their flavor and texture, meaning the harvest season of skirret is approximately the same as that of parsnips.
Skirret is a native of China and was common on many European and
We might start the season by digging skirret, a perennial that grows a root which tastes like a cross between potatoes and parsnips.
Last spring I also started skirret (Sium sisarum), a perennial with an edible root whose flavor resembles parsnip.
Two other very old vegetables are Good King Henry (Chenopodium bonus-henricus) and Skirret (Sium sisarum).
Skirret produces clusters of fleshy roots that are sweet and nutty.