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the sound of (the chanter of) a bagpipe

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make a shrill, wailing sound

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play the bagpipes

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A SWIRL of kilts, a skirl of the bagpipes and its "Geordie the brave."
To the skirl of bagpipes she walked through a guard of honour of Gurkhas to the steps of the Royal Courts of Justice in London.
To the skirl of bagpipes playing Cock o' The North, she walked through a guard of honour of Gurkhas in their traditional hats to the steps of the Royal Courts of Justice in London's Strand.
TARTANS, shortbread, "och-aye" Scottish accents, overgrown sausages and poems yesterday met in Liverpool amid the skirl of bagpipes to celebrate the bard of Scotland.
The skirl of the pipes and drums will also echo through the Aber Valley when the Welsh Piping Society Band leads the carnival procession at noon, parading down to the rugby field welfare ground at Senghenydd, near Caerphilly.
MATERIAL SKIRL: Lorne Cousin gives Madge a noisy Highland backing; WELL PLAID: The adoring American crowd is treated to a kilted spectacular
Behind the skirl of the pipes, which starts at 6pm, are a hardworking volunteer team on the Royal Burgh of Dumfries Tattoo committee who have planned the two-hour programme in the Newall Terrace car park over the past 18 months.
Glasgow once again reeled to the skirl of the pipes yesterday at the start of the World Pipe Band Championships.
This is gentle, warm music with loads of space in it, in which Yates can trill and skirl his decorations on the track Snowdonia/Sail The Sky, and the band can explore some flamenco sketches on Izabella's Dream.
Fusing exuberant Afro-Cuban rhythms with the skirl of Scottish bagpipes and fiddles and peppering it with jazz, Salsa Celtica have carved out their own musical niche, and are arguably one of Scotland's most popular live bands.
TO THOSE who expected their Scottish heroes to wear kilts, sprout hairs on their kneecaps and skirl a bagpipe at the first scent of haggis, he was something of a surprise.
A SWIRL of the kilts, a skirl of the bagpipes and it was "Geordie the brave".
And don't skirl that dreary dirge Flower o' Scotland at me.