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disappear without notifying anyone (idiom)

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And every time Washington tries to tip off Islamabad to a raid, it seems, the targets of the raid seem to conveniently skip town.
Summary: Monaco's royal palace has vehemently denied a report that the fiancee of Prince Albert tried to skip town a week before their wedding.
Even more important, when a defendant does skip town, the bounty hunters are the ones who pursue justice with the greatest determination and energy.
home & away XAVIER admits he heard Mink reveal the truth about what really happened to her stepdad, and she's so terrified he will spread her secret that she decides to skip town.
Not wanting to let a pro franchise skip town under his watch, Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson cobbled together a deal under which the city would impose a new tax to pay the vast majority of the project's cost, provided the Colts put up a small stake to show the city their loyalty.
So the best solution, for some, might be to skip town during the U.
Ingram is expected to join KAIT in early June, and Fortenberry will skip town about 10 days later.
Louis (Levaret), a two-bit poker player with vaguely shady connections, finds it expedient to skip town for a while, and so reluctantly takes the kid up on his offer.
Henry rightly figures that he'll get killed when the bad guys track him down, so he and Carol may as well skip town with the loot.
They had no cars and little money to skip town on the fly.
In the shame of discord, some of us skip town or otherwise check out.
On the final day, however, it was apparent most attendees opted to skip town early.
One trick scammers use is selling low-cost items to gather positive feedback and then auction off a big-ticket item and skip town without sending it.
And so the dreams keep coming, filling his sleep with divine designs so new and troubling that another man might certainly skip town and head off the coming era of responsibility.
The Jernigans' operation appears to defy every rule in the world of rapacious team owners forever poised to reap massive public subsidies for stadiums and arenas but willing to skip town and jilt fans if another city offers a better deal.