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Synonyms for skintight

so tight as to cling to the skin


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It looks almost like the full-body, skintight outfits Olympic downhill skiers wear.
Supermuscleman is the most powerful man in the Universe--we know this because he wears a skintight red costume.
Dubbed the "Pink Patrol," the muscly men wear skintight jeans and T-shirts and use "the walk" to signal their intentions, and then wait to be attacked by thugs.
Erica went operational in 4-inch heels and a skintight pencil skirt.
Let's not forget the poor cyclist clad in skintight Lycra, iPod stuck in his ears under his skid lid, oblivious to all his surroundings and rules of the road.
Queen Bee Victoria managed to retain her crown in skintight white jeans emblazoned with the St George's Cross, teamed with a skimpy white vest.
Then Sharon Stone, loitering at the OutLast/Polaroid bash in a skintight white dress, with beau Daniel Bernardt nearly groping her.
When he shed the jacket to reveal a skintight black T-shirt, the contrast of the white pants contributed to the notion that Ortega's upper torso has a mind of its own: He unleashed serpentine jumps while commanding attention with compelling armwork and the cock of his head.
Behind him lies one of the century's scariest female nudes, in harsh profile, dark-haired, hawknosed, her facial scar providing a kind of slant rhyme to the laced-up front of the artist's skintight shirt.
He is captured in the exhibition through designer Leon Bakst's rendering of Nijinsky's skintight costume from L'Apres-midi d'un faune (The Afternoon of a Faun).
Featured on the CD cover of the album, Skintight Blues: First Peoples' Blues Compilation, is a beefy-faced, barrel-chested guy blowing on a saxophone, with a string of colorful beads flowing from him like musical notes.
The stunning actress, who wowed all with a skintight white dress at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California, confessed she was terrified of the pending radical style.
Rihanna, who wore skintight PVC trosers and a rauchy basque, clutched crooner Chris' hand throughout the duet before going on to perform tracks from her Good Girl Gone Bad album.
And that skintight Bacofoil-type dress she wore on Saturday night didn't do her any favours.