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lacking funds

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"Now I'm absolutely skint." Murad said that when he rang his bank, staff said they had tried to make contact to warn him of 'unusual activity' on his account.
STEPHEN DIXON, Redcar WATCHING Skint Britain - featuring Hartlepool - on Channel 4 was certainly an insight into how the other half live.
Average adult male pay in 1961 was PS15.36 for a five-and-a-half day week and while nowhere near all footballers earned the maximum and Johnny Haynes would, in the same year, become the first English footballer to earn PS100 a week, perhaps a better title for this book would be When Everyone Was Skint.
His definition of skint being a PS90k salary as an MEP, a five-figure salary as a radio presenter, a shares portfolio, a PS4million house in Chelsea and the prospect of a pension from those nasty Europeans worth PS73,000 per year.
Skint hit the screens last April as it headed to Merthyr for a series about the town's deprivation and its long-term battle with unemployment.
Skint hit the screens last April as it headed to Merthyr for a three-part series about the town's deprivation and its longterm battle with unemployment.
They rung me up and said 'Listen, we want you to come in the show, take over the Queen Vic.' .' At the time I was skint and I just had about enough petrol money to get there, that's the truth.
And poor miss-lead Tory voters everywhere, not just the North East." Oli Lmpso "Why on earth was a skint single mother even voting Tory in the first place?" Kev Batters "Why is it you try your best for your family by both working at minimum wage but your still punished." Julie Landreth
SKINT (9pm Channel 4) THE first series of Skint, Channel 4's provocative documentary about how people survive without employment, was nominated for a Grierson Documentary Award.
9P Skint returns for a new series telling the intimate stories of people living with the devastating effects of long–term unemployment in one of Britain's most deprived areas.
UTTOXETER: 2.10 Milord, 2.40 Kilfinichen Bay, 3.10 Deadly Sting, 3.40 Fantasy King, 4.10 Skint, 4.40 Tenby Jewel, 5.10 Operateur.
THE country is "skint" and cannot afford the cost of the HS2 high-speed rail link, which would run between London and the north of England, Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said.
The Trippplee are PS99 at stevemaddden .com 2 We know everyone is skint at this time of year so a bargain pair of shoes are bound to cheer you up.
Pennine Housing 2000 has been handed pounds 600,000 to run the Sick Of Being Skint project.
If our country is so skint, why are we lavishly spending on the Royal wedding, the Queen's diamond jubilee next year and the Olympic Games, not to mention attacking Libya and giving enormous sums to other countries such as India and Pakistan.