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a medicated adhesive pad placed on the skin for absorption of a time released dose of medication into the bloodstream

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Highest rates occurred for birth control pills, a skin patch or a vaginal ring.
The Food and Drug Administration announced the warning in a statement, urging doctors to take care in prescribing the skin patch and to educate patients about how to use it.
In one study, 13% of patients who were treated for chronic otitis media were allergic to neomycin on skin patch testing.
This teaching prohibits contraception by means of the condom; intrauterine device; vasectomy or tubal ligation; and chemical contraception by the use of oral contraceptives, morning after pills, or the administration of contraceptives by injection or in a skin patch.
Food and Drug Administration has approved a once-a-day skin patch to treat major depression, after two 6-8 week studies and a longer-term review showed that the only common side effect was a mild skin reaction where the patch was placed.
Between the skin patch, the vaginal ring and improvements on the ever- popular pill, women have more birth control options from which to choose.
Methods include skin prick, skin patch and radioallergosorbent (RAST) tests screen for latex allergies.
A skin patch helps address symptoms of overactive bladder such as urge urinary incontinence, urgency, and frequency.
One type of treatment is a skin patch with medicine on it.
Analyzes and evaluatesl prescription skin patch products and assesses risks and market potential
Washington, Aug 4 (ANI): Indian scientists have confirmed that a new drug delivery system - the basis for a battery-powered skin patch - could be used to administer medication that shows promise for treating peripheral artery disease (PAD) and healing stubborn skin ulcers and burns.
Zoe, from Didsbury, Manchester, said she did the skin patch test, as advised on the pack and had no reaction.
A skin patch can prime the immune system to fend off traveler's diarrhea, a test shows.
Hewlett-Packard Co (Palo Alto CA), the world's biggest maker of computer printers, found a way to use ink-cartridge technology to create a skin patch with thousands of tiny needles that deliver precise dosages of drugs.
The group wants to use Henderson's Ionic Contra Viral Therapy P1723 to develop skin patch products to treat conditions such as non-genital warts and verrucae.