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With Skin Flick I went after the extreme right wing, and with Rasberry Reich the extreme left wing.
Corporal Keith Cotton had already directed his shameless wife making a seedy skin flick in the basement of a sex shop, as we told last week.
INVESTMENT brokers in Holland were stunned when a video on pension investments for truckers turned out to be a hard-core skin flick.
Is Richey sex causing knickers to knot up because it is neither an art film nor skin flick? Possibly.
The result is again equal parts clinical investigation, monster movie, and skin flick, a study in visual stupefaction that effortlessly collapses intimacy and detachment (a confusion already suggested by the use of first names only; a fining sequel might be Freud's Dora Does Dallas).
Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch had previously offered Suleman 1 million dollars in 2009 to star in her own skin flick but Octo turned him down.
Its Hindi name -- Paanch Indriya Udyaan -- reads like the title of a desi skin flick. And although its reputation as a culinary destination owes a lot to Magique, when you enter it and find sarkari types lounging about at the entrance, you may not find yourself fall in love with the place all at once.
Bear Paul Ziller (1/1); A Place Called Chiapas Nettie Wilde (1/1); Skin Flick Bruce LaBruce (1/1), When Justice Fails Allan Goldstein (1/1).
Most embarrassing of all is the film's central joke about how the skin flick's three black stars all have small willies.
But his skin flick does raise interesting questions about the future of the DVD biz--adult and otherwise.