skin effect

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the tendency of high-frequency alternating current to distribute near the surface of a conductor

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This paper presents the concept of variable-permeability in the well testing of low-permeability reservoirs; meanwhile, wellbore storage effect and skin effect are taken into consideration.
This is due to three reasons: skin effect, proximity effect, and external electromagnetic environment [8].
Finite difference time domain methods (FDTD), numerical inversion of Laplace transform, and circuital approaches, are usually employed to incorporate skin effect phenomena in time-domain transmission-line analysis [16-24].
According to (4) the power of the traveling wave to be converted into heat because of the loss of active line of length x with the skin effect will be:
In contrast, for moving rings consisting of multiple connected conductive regions, the superposition of skin effect and proximity effect leads to significantly less applied magnetic force.
Again, the loss due to skin effect in fabricated filter is important in the fabricated structure.
This provides a larger area for the current to flow through to combat the skin effect at frequencies up to 5 MHz for higher inductance values.
The black double-handles bag in calf skin with laser cuts and metal studs gives an ostrich skin effect.
The appealing second skin effect, convenience of easy opening, freshness, long shelf life (between 16 days up to 8 weeks depending on the food application) and safety are all regarded as extremely positive.
Tissue paper or cotton are often used to make a wrinkled or peeling skin effect perfect for scary zombies
In particular, the laminated copper bus minimizes the impedance increase caused by skin effect that otherwise would occur at high frequencies.
The first part is skin effect which increases the electrical resistance of the conductor.
SKIN Don't be tempted to emulate the ghostly pale skin effect seen on the catwalk - you'll end up looking like too much like Morticia Adams.