skin diving

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underwater swimming without any more breathing equipment than a snorkel

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I recall thinking that this theory, a guy killing his wife in front of his 3-year-old son in a skin diving suit, was pretty strange," Gardner read from an affidavit she provided to the court.
He developed a passion for the outdoors as a young man participating in spear fishing and skin diving with the Worcester Frogmen Club.
Magazines about motorcycles, bicycles, photography, skin diving, surfing.
REEF volunteers collect marine fish distribution and abundance data using a standardized visual method during regular Scuba and skin diving activities.
Those parks and protected areas are not only great places for hiking and observing wildlife, but some also include great spots for skin diving, spelunking, surfing and other outdoor activities.
Jose, a police officer, had gone skin diving with a group in a tributary of the Amazon River in Brazil about 1,800 miles north-west of Rio de Janeiro.
Activities available include scuba diving, skin diving, funky dance workshops, skating classes, judo taster sessions and in-line roller skating.
His idea was an exploding seashell, to be placed on the ocean floor where Castro liked to go skin diving, "He came in with this bright idea," Halpern recalled.
Subsequent collections, which increasingly displayed his interest in and experiments with form, included The Lincoln Lyrics (1942), No Arch, No Triumph (1945), The Sorrows of Cold Stone: Poems 1940-1950 (1951), and Skin Diving in the Virgins (1970); his Selected Poems was published in 1963.
His volumes of poetry include The Garden Is Political (1942), which deals with the atmosphere of World War II; The Lincoln Lyrics (1942), No Arch, No Triumph (1945), The Sorrows of Cold Stone (1951), and Skin Diving in the Virgins (1970).
When you take a deep breath and kick down for a closer look at what's below, it's called skin diving.
The survey rankings were based on foot pocket comfort, swimming comfort, overall comfort, skin diving underwater preference, scuba underwater preference and power underwater with scuba.