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Synonyms for skimmer

a rapid superficial reader

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a cooking utensil used to skim fat from the surface of liquids

a stiff hat made of straw with a flat crown

gull-like seabird that flies along the surface of the water with an elongated lower mandible immersed to skim out food

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A keypad that s raised above the surface of the device; A card scanner that seems loose, which is a sign of a skimmer that s snapped on top of the actual card scanner; A tiny camera attached to the top or sides of the device, sometimes with temporary lighting, to capture credit card numbers and PIN entries on video.
Similarly, during a study of the Gharial sanctuary in Kota region, a team of researchers led by Dr Fatima Sultana of Kota University, also found that the number of skimmer was declining in the area.
Some of the most common skimmer users are fraudulent equipment vendors.
Lookout has been very productive too with good carp, the best out a 10lb 4oz ghost carp, and lots of crucians, tench, bream and skimmers catching.
Tests also revealed that the skimmer was far less effective than smaller, more agile vessels in collecting the oil.
The company said the Skimmer appliance is versatile with a compact footprint and can power development groups and data marts or serve as a platform for 'application appliances' that is easy to deploy and manage.
Disk skimmers are a particularly good choice for mounting on drums and in places where the water level does not fluctuate and small oil-removal capacity is required.
If you are interested in leaming more about the Model 6V and Oil Skimmers, please contact Kristen Kalich at 440-234-1812.
An automatic oil skimmer removes oil better than costly and time-consuming manual skimming.
An oil skimmer is a device, which can be used to recover floating oil from (or near) the surface of water.
The researchers tested their skimmer in pools of seawater under different temperatures, at different rotational speeds, and with oils of varying viscosities and in different oil slick thicknesses.
The Tote-It[R] portable oil skimmer includes a removable trough designed to make clean up and oil disposal easier.
Whether you are looking for a portable or a heavy-duty oil skimmer to remove floating hydrocarbons, CEP's skimmers will meet the need for recovering high oil/water ratios in the most adverse or limited access conditions.
Skimmer trawls have been documented in Louisiana, North Carolina, and, more recently, in other coastal states in the Gulf of Mexico (Epperly et al.
Like the standard PetroXtractor, the Solar Skimmer unit comes with any of three belt widths that accommodate usage with 2-, 4- and 6-in.