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used of milk and milk products from which the cream has been removed


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The launch will be backed by a PS7million campaign to position yellow-topped Best of Both as a fourth kind of milk alongside full-fat, semiskimmed and skimmed. It contains 4.7g of protein per 100ml, compared with 3.4g to 3.6g per 100ml in standard skimmed milk.
This coupon can be redeemed once against the full purchase price of a 1-pint carton of whole, semi skimmed or skimmed Scottish Organic Milk.
The patients were divided into three different treatment groups: lactose powder; skimmed milk powder; or skimmed milk powder enriched with GMP and G600.
Since launching organic milk in 2005, Graham's organic skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk portfolio has grown to be worth over [pounds sterling]4m to the business and account for 15% of all milk sales by Graham's The Family Dairy.
As well as skimmed milk, the New Zealand researchers said they plan to breed cows capable of producing milk that is ideal for spreadable butter.
The student team has also tricked an SUV with an anti-theft RFID device into starting up by using their skimmed and faked RFID tag.
The term comes from the fact that money is taken off the top, the same way cream is skimmed from milk.
The sources said one of the three is equipment that separates milk between powdered skimmed milk and cream, while the other two are tanks that temporarily store pasteurized powdered skimmed milk at the plant.
Throughout January and February, the Budget Committee of the EU Council of Ministers has been considering submissions calling on the European Commission to take account of the remarks of the Court of Auditors (Special Report 1/99, see Official Journal of European Communities N[inverted exclamation mark] C 147 of May 27, 1999) in order to rectify weaknesses in the system of subsidies for skimmed milk and skimmed milk powder for animal feed.
Fuming of skimmed flux can be minimized by rapid cooling.
Q My daughters are eight and nine and I wondered if I still need to give them full-fat milk or would I be able to switch to semi-skimmed or skimmed?
It was developed over three years and uses a new process to extract natural proteins from milk, which are then added back into skimmed milk.
I have had my kitchen and bathroom ceilings skimmed, but the skim is on the windows and I can't get it off.
WEETABIX 2 Weetabix or Shredded Wheat with 150ml skimmed milk.