skim milk

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milk from which the cream has been skimmed


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Scientists at North Carolina State University investigated the impact of production run time on the sensory, microbiological and functional properties of skim milk powder. After using six different domestic spray-drying facilities for the sampling of low- and medium-heat skim milk powder, they found that as the production run time increases, the sensory, microbial and functional quality of skim milk powder deteriorates.
Skim milk powder is one of the most commonly used raw materials of different food products because of low moisture, less weight helping in easy transportation and excellent preservation (Shiratsuchi et al., 1994).
Finally, imports of skim milk powder into Africa are expected to decrease again in 2009.
processors of skim milk powder and compared them with the returns for U.S.
The high value of the euro, which is leading to more cheap imports, and a worldwide slump in skim milk powder consumption, have been blamed.
The key development is the use of whey, processed to have its particles enlarged as much as possible, to replace skim milk powder. The enlarged whey particles slow the melting process and also make for a creamier texture.
They found that sauerkraut-spent media could be a good substitute for skim milk powder for freeze-drying bacterial cultures.
trade embargo with Cuba, DairyAmerica has finalized two sales of skim milk powder to the Caribbean island, among the first sizeable sales of U.S.
Skim milk powder is often used as a food ingredient.
Vietnam has agreed to place Australian butter and skim milk powder products in a lower tariff bracket to bring them in line with New Zealand dairy imports.