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Synonyms for skilled

Synonyms for skilled

having the ability to perform well

having or demonstrating a high degree of knowledge or skill

Antonyms for skilled

having or showing or requiring special skill

References in classic literature ?
The river begat Orsilochus, who ruled over much people and was father to Diocles, who in his turn begat twin sons, Crethon and Orsilochus, well skilled in all the arts of war.
What the skilled and seasoned drinker achieves is a discreet and canny semi-intoxication.
and as many women skilled in blameless arts, each holding a golden bowl in her hands.
She was, moreover, excellently well skilled in the doctrine of amour, and knew better than anybody who and who were together; a knowledge which she the more easily attained, as her pursuit of it was never diverted by any affairs of her own; for either she had no inclinations, or they had never been solicited; which last is indeed very probable; for her masculine person, which was near six foot high, added to her manner and learning, possibly prevented the other sex from regarding her, notwithstanding her petticoats, in the light of a woman.
for she was indeed very deeply skilled in these matters, and very violent in them), and therefore, burst forth in a rage, declared her brother to be both a clown and a blockhead, and that she would stay no longer in his house.
He was likewise well skilled in the exact value of reversions, expectations, &c.
It would have been a curious investigation, for one skilled in such an enquiry, to have traced those points of difference, by which the offspring of the most western European was still to be distinguished from the descendant of the most remote Asiatic, now that the two, in the revolutions of the world, were approximating in their habits, their residence, and not a little in their characters.
Harkee, old trapper," said Paul, writhing in his bonds to catch a glimpse of the other's melancholy face; "you ar' skilled in Indian tongues, and know somewhat of Indian deviltries.
I understand you, boy, I understand you," interrupted the attentive old man; "and what you say shall be done, ay, and well done too, or I'm but little skilled in the wishes of a dying Indian.
On the opposite side sat a bald- headed old gentleman, with a good-humoured, benevolent face-- the clergyman of Dingley Dell; and next him sat his wife, a stout, blooming old lady, who looked as if she were well skilled, not only in the art and mystery of manufacturing home-made cordials greatly to other people's satisfaction, but of tasting them occasionally very much to her own.
He said this while presiding over second meeting of steering committee constituted by Chief Minister for demand based training courses and provision of skilled work force to labour market of Qatar, Dubai and GCC.
He said this while presiding over first meeting of steering committee constituted by Chief Minister for demand based training courses and provision of skilled workforce to Qatar, Dubai and other gulf countries.
Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business Louise Asher said the Overseas Skills Registry is an online platform to connect skilled workers with employers seeking staff in occupations currently in demand in Victoria.
The Skilled Jobs Direct process differs from other websites in that the skilled craft worker fills out a profile outlining their trade, skills, professional experience, educational history, preferences and other information such as additional languages, security clearances, etc.
The results showed that only one in four was in a skilled job, while 29 per cent were in unskilled roles that did not earn them the 25,000 pounds they would need to extend their visa.