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a paved surface on which cars can be made to skid so that drivers can practice controlling them

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Williams driver Nico Rosberg of Germany climbs out of his car after crashing in the skidpan conditions.; VERY SPECIAL...
Hamilton could not have won in more dramatic circumstances as wet weather turned the famous street circuit into a skidpan surface, causing numerous accidents.
The skidpan conditions had a bearing on events before the match started as Ireland utility back Shane Horgan limped off after suffering a twisted knee during the warm-up.
Then again, Mighty Man was quick enough to beat useful Flat racer Dusky Warbler around the skidpan that is the 2m1f hurdle track at Aintree three years ago, before finishing behind Adamant Approach the following winter in the Greatwood Hurdle won by Lingo at Cheltenham.
One that said I had to sign everyone's driving licence to approve them.The new VB-H test would involve a day on the track, a skidpan session, and definitely a motorway lesson.
The 10 students on the Academy's Graduate Development Programme, racing under the at the Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome in Leicestershire, putting the 97mph racing car through a series of tests covering endurance, acceleration, sprint and performance on the skidpan.
The convertible uses the chassis dynamics of the Sport Saloon and this, combined with a stiffened body structure, means you can drive it hard without feeling you're on a skidpan.
Whether it's flinging a hand-controlled Ford Mondeo around a skidpan or taking on all-comers in a hand-operated Go-Kart, the zone promises to live up to its name and will be one of the central attractions at the Roadshow which is being staged at the Derbyshire race circuit between June 17 and 19.
The visitors picked up a 4-2 in Heat 5 as the rain came down, and the next race was highly dramatic with Kenni Larsen crashing in skidpan conditions.
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In truth, the way you regard the stuff that has reduced North Northumberland to a candle-lit Lapland where daily deliveries of milk, bread and newspapers have been derailed by the festive season's skidpan misery depends very much on age, experience and political necessity as much as anything.
LEWIS Hamilton emulated the feat of his late hero Ayrton Senna by taming the streets of Monte Carlo, and then proclaimed: "I hope this is the start of something very special." Hamilton could not have won in more dramatic circumstances as wet weather wreaked havoc across the Principality, creating a skidpan surface that caused numerous accidents.
Hamilton won in dramatic circumstances as wet weather caused chaos across the Principality, creating a skidpan surface that caused numerous accidents.
Jonsson made the best job of mastering the skidpan surface and took advantage of an error from leader Hans Andersen midway through the final.