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a city district frequented by vagrants and alcoholics and addicts

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Homelessness in the Recent Skid Row Era was largely attributed to flaws in the character of the men who occupied the low-cost hotels and flophouses in the nation's skid rows.
Alice Johnson (1988) in her review depicts five historical epochs of homelessness: Vagrants: Colonial Period, 1725-1864; Tramps: Post-Civil War Period, 1865-1900; Deviants: Progressive Era, 1900-1929; Victims: Depression Era, 1929-1944; and Deviant: Recent Skid Row Era, 1950-1979.
The term "Skid Row" has come to denote a district in the city where there is a concentration of substandard hotels and rooming houses charging very low rates and catering primarily to men with low incomes.
Concomitantly, the vitality of the skid row areas in America's core cities declined (Hoch 1987).
Rescue missions and municipal lodging houses began to appear in skid row areas for the first time (Hoch 1987).
We once had skid rows, and the Salvation Army took care of skid row.