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an airplane equipped with skis so it can land on a snowfield

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Using the information, a ski-plane was able to land on the floe.
I pulled the pin of my emergency beacon, which, a few hours later, informed a satellite signal watcher in England, who called Morag, who in turn alerted the Twin Otter ski-plane crew at Patriot Hills as to my exact position"
Dave, from Kenmore, Perthshire, faced a race against time to find a site for a ski-plane to land before next week's full moon.
He also had to find somewhere a ski-plane could land - or carve one out from the ice.
Because there were no constructed airfields in this area at that time, aircraft travel was by floatplane when there was open water, or by ski-plane in winter.
Yesterday a ski-plane touched down for just 22 minutes on a runway carved out of the ice.