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a powered conveyance that carries skiers up a hill

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The rules for safety of ski lifts and similar transport modes are laid down in an EU regulation that went into force in 2016.
It said that a site visit to Malam Jabba will confirm that the construction and ski lift is in the same area (12 acres) as before.
Mrs Pittocho said the emergency services rescued Kieran from the ski lift and got him to the ground where they began resuscitation.
Cost is $365 for condo lodging or $465 hotel lodging, and includes bus transportation, lodging and ski lift tickets.
BEIRUT: For 15 minutes, Adel dangled in the air, 12 meters above the icy ground and hanging from the ski lift by just his coat.
The downhill version involves finding a sand dune or hill, climbing up it and skiing down - the big drawback is you won't find a ski lift or even a rope tow to get you to the top.
It is understood he was covered by a mound of snow after the driver of the machine failed to see him playing near a ski lift at the Baqueira Beret resort, in the Pyrenees.
One of his biggest fans is writer-director Adam Green (Hatchet), who wondered what it would be like to set an entire movie on the chair of a ski lift.
The incident occurred at a ski lift in Bulgaria's resort of Borovets.
The package price of $2,762, based on double occupancy, will also include transportation from Steamboat/Hayden Airport to and from the hotel, six nights of deluxe hotel accommodations, breakfast from Monday thru Friday, a welcoming reception as well as six ski lift tickets per room.
Marie and Greater Sudbury have both lost their major ski attractions to a too-expensive-to-replace ski lift.
"It" is a new high-speed, detachable ski lift. It's set to open this coming ski season and, if Tim Wiper has his way, it will put a few more smiles on the faces of ski buffs this winter.
As the ski lift rises and the treeline gives way to dramatic drop-offs, hesitant amateurs and seasoned professionals vie for the slopes of ASC-run Ajax Mountain.