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incompleteness of details

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Despite the sketchiness of the carving that squeezes all animals into a small blurry area, the four horse heads and sixteen legs (one of which is hard to see in the reproduction) match perfectly in number, leaving no further doubt that the legless beast is beyond the regular horse quartet.
The sketchiness of shading, the waning thick and thin lines, and the varying bluish tones of his "spit drawings" (created by drawing in ink, then wetting his finger with spit to spread and dilute the color) that trace the shapes of people, places, and things forever lost to time are rendered with such passion that they seem desperate to leap off the page.
The title of his more comprehensive Ideen zur Philosophie der Geschichte der Menschheit (1782-1791) also refers to the open-ended sketchiness of his system.
Gianni Paladini organise a tournament Andrew's And, of course, although Paladini says an offer has gone in (and been rejected), there is still much sketchiness surrounding the detail and his backers.
In its speed, sketchiness, and reproduction of the untamed movements of mind, this poem draws from the New York School poets, but in its formal, uncolloquial speech and reliance on presented detail, it draws equally from Dickinson and the imagist/deep image tradition.
We maintain our disappointment with the sketchiness of the programme announced on Tuesday.
Through the lens of those formative years, the sketchiness of many current musical theatre books doesn't seem all that far-fetched; and the elements that define and time-stamp a particular era on a Broadway show become less discernable.
As with Bodham-Donne's anti-spectacularism, Rogers' advocacy of modernist qualities: sketchiness, freedom of line, and pattern-making was at the expense of description, now seen as 'laboured'.
The deeper the observation of folkloristic aspects, the less sketchiness there is to the 'Soviet time' aspect and the more is revealed of the network of human relations (researchers-filmmakers, people of Kihnu, officials - all of whom were somehow connected to making or assessing the film in the 1950s) on the one hand, and the dynamics of folklore studies on the other.
For this reason, they are quick to identify and focus on any sketchiness or incompleteness in the presentation of data.
The foregrounding of the couple--their triumphs and failures of love and loyalty--makes the sketchiness of fictional analysis unsurprising but at times regrettable, especially I think in the case of The Rainbow.
The consistency of corrections in the manuscript shows that despite the drafts' sketchiness and brevity, Tolstoy's decisions were very deliberate.
not so much have a sketchiness to them, but kind of.
Though these essays are wide-ranging and adventurous, they are also brief, often leaving a faint sense of sketchiness.
Dunbar's poem could have used the trope of masking to tell us something about the edge and pasture of one human's experience, a telling that would have expanded the archive of black subjectivity; instead the poem defers to a broader, less intimate view and characterizes a subjectivity that in its sketchiness feels caricatured.