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a book containing sheets of paper on which sketches can be drawn

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The Tesla sketch pad can be accessed in the touch screen of the car by tapping the "T" on the screen three times Musk had tweeted before revealing his masterpiece.
Speaking with Today's Zaman, Education Personnel Union (Ey-itim-Sen) Secretary-General Sakine Esen Yylmaz said that the education system had been turned into a sketch pad due to arbitrary education changes, adding that the low YGS scores are a reflection of the "4+4+4" educational reforms that have made the system chaotic.
Works taken from his ledger and not just a sketch pad.
From design through prototyping, testing, and manufacturing, we take our customers' visions from the sketch pad to production.
I enjoy learning something new, but it's hard to beat a sharp pencil and a blank sketch pad.
The budding artist spent many nights sitting up in bed under a handmade quilt reading adventure stories by lamplight-with sketch pad and pencils nearby for bringing figures to life from the pages before him.
As an artist he reached for his sketch pad because he realised, as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousands words and is now seeing his business become the perfect illustration for success.
One of our younger patients was always drawing or doodling in a sketch pad, and he was one of the ones I approached in the beginning," says Cross.
The possibilities are endless and a long way from the days of "caveman CAD" using only a measuring tape, sketch pad and ladder.
This handsome and hardwearing version of a classic satchel is big enough to hold everything from a laptop to a sketch pad.
None larger than a large sketch pad, the works were arranged around the blue-gray painted walls of the gallery in a generally chronological hang spanning 1953 to 1970.
He also took with him his sketch pad and pens, creating a series of cartoons from the period which later featured in the book, The Great Northern Miners by Ken Smith, which had a chapter dedicated to Keith.
Ladies who layer embroidered skirts over jeans and swathe themselves in sheepskin shrugs and towering ruby red headscarves look like figures torn straight out of a Comme des Garcons sketch pad.
She happily fills her sketch pad while my camera and I get closer to wildlife.
For example, the author uses a three-dimensional model to describe wingman and flight lead maneuvers that enable the reader to grasp these concepts without the need for a sketch pad.