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a map drawn from observation (rather than from exact measurements) and representing the main features of an area

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McKay's report (McKay, 1888) included a black and white map, titled Geological sketch map of a portion of the northern district of Auckland, at a scale of 1:506,880 (Fig.
All the simulation tests have been conducted based on the sketch map shown in Figure 4.
As usual, he gathered sketch maps from Hudson's Bay Company factors and Dene guides who were knowledgeable of the way north.
Each is accompanied by a photograph, sketch map, directions, commentary and history.
We decided to use this aerial sketch map system as a way to track the information on the ground," said William R.
For this you'll get a sketch map of your walk, written directions and notes on places of interest along the way.
Touched presents affective art, and so becomes a sketch map of the affections - passion, rage, lust, pleasure, fear and joy.
The sketch map was quite a good map, but there was no means of replicating it, which meant that the search-and-rescue teams were unable to accurately define the area that they had searched,' explains Woof.
As the paper's official editorial artist he was as likely to be called in to draw a quick sketch map of a new bus route or the site of a natural disaster as he would a Willie strip.
The left black thick solid frame is the sketch map of the software structure of the terminals in car.
In fact, some instructors have indicated that having students draw a sketch map of the world in class is an excellent method to begin a discussion of the common errors found in the sketch maps, such as primacy, centrality, size, and knowledge or familiarity, and why these errors occur (Stetter and Ayotte, 2003).
For the sketch map measure, the room effect was undiminished by removing the walls.
There is a sketch map of greater Tibet and surrounding areas with major pilgrimage sites, a pocket map of Solo Khumbu, in Tibetan, and other sketch maps, though unfortunately not of every site.