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Synonyms for skeptically

Synonyms for skeptically

with scepticism


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But the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), which is also highly critical of Iran, urged the public the next day to treat anything the Mojahedin say skeptically.
Rather than a typical "about" section, the blog's "manifesto" alone is worth the read: "To widen the scope of financial, economic and political information available to the professional investing public; to skeptically examine and, where necessary, attack the flaccid institution that financial journalism has become (hey
Santa asks, before skeptically examining a vaccine bottle with a magnifying glass, shaking a bottle of pills and squirting the contents of a syringe into the air.
According to Pastor Frank Moore, the billboard was intended to make people think skeptically about messages on nontheistic billboards that had gone up in the area.
The proposals generally are supported by Democrats but are viewed skeptically by Republicans who are concerned that any actions taken against China stand a good chance of triggering a trade war.
People are more afraid of insects than of death, or so says a survey that Zuk cites a bit skeptically.
The authors skeptically view as a ruse the Brothers' new outreach to the public and, perhaps more importantly, the United States, a major donor to their financially strapped country.
The Iraqi government-backed al-Iraqiya was received skeptically, but Arab options from outside Iraq, particularly the Saudi-supported al-Arabiya, gained popularity.
One can't help viewing skeptically the suggestion by the US and its allies that its motives are not what they claim they are,.
If your family tells you that you can't, raise your eyebrows skeptically and say, "Are you trying to stop me from doing my chores, or do I need my hearing tested?
A senior Russian politician reacted skeptically to the proposals, saying NATO first had to think globally, and complained that Russia had not been involved in the process.
Hitoshi Yoshioka, professor of science history at Kyushu University, said the court should have assessed the new guidelines more skeptically.
When Egypt transitioned from socialism to capitalism, corruption became highly exposed and led to the squandering of a sizable part of the revenues and capabilities of society; the government then decided to shift to a public owned shares system which people received skeptically because of their negative experience with government regulations," the report said.
But the Russians also know that missile defense is regarded skeptically by many Democrats, because of questions about its cost and effectiveness.
But markets reacted skeptically, questioning the effectiveness of the rescue package and urging the government to inject taxpayer money directly into troubled financial institutions.