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Synonyms for skeleton

Synonyms for skeleton

a preliminary plan or version, as of a written work

Synonyms for skeleton

something reduced to its minimal form

Related Words

a scandal that is kept secret

the hard structure (bones and cartilages) that provides a frame for the body of an animal

the internal supporting structure that gives an artifact its shape

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Limited to five pieces, the watch's elegant mechanics are matched only by its graceful aesthetic, which includes a flying tourbillon that journeys around a blue aventurine dial overlaid by a geometric lacework of skeletonized mother-of-pearl--all contained within a 42 mm case of polished pink gold, jaeger-lecoultre.
The trigger bows themselves are skeletonized, and it took me a while to warm up to their looks.
23 The reason for reduced pain in skeletonized IMA is that skeletonised grafting protects the anterior branch of intercostal nerve that decreases the incidence and severity of post CABG pain.
2,3) A closed technique has also been described in which the larynx is separated from the esophagus and skeletonized circumferentially.
As part of a prior morphological study, the specimens were skeletonized and catalogued (8).
The brain was the only tissue preserved in the infant's skeletonized body.
Endothelial integrity of ultrasonically skeletonized internal thoracic artery: morphological analysis with scanning electron microscopy.
Highlights include life-size models of an Albedosaurus, a Lambeosaurus, and a sea cow, fleshed out on one side and skeletonized on the other; a Megalodon shark (the most accurate depiction ever created of this creature, which is the world's largest known predator); an Ankylosaur, based on fossil evidence discovered in the region (the most complete dinosaur fossil ever found in California); an arliculated walrus in one of the biggest free-standing cases known to be in any museum; a giant sloth; a swooping Pterodactyl with a 23-foot wingspan; and a floor-to-ceiling "fossil aquarium" with a huge mural--by world-famous paleoartist William Stout--sewing as a backdrop, depicting all of the animals that lived in the ocean during the Pliocene Age.
Their chapters include techniques for recovering skeletonized human remains, ten key questions, assessing ancestry from the skeleton, determining time since death, DNA, skeletal trauma and identifying skeletal pathology, and putting the case together.
Several years are believed to have passed since the babies died because most of the bodies were skeletonized, and the police began investigations on suspicion of the abandonment of dead bodies.
Complete mastoidectomy was performed, and the sigmoid sinus was skeletonized from the lateral sinus to the jugular bulb below.
The body was completely skeletonized, indicating that it had been out in the elements for years.
The absence of bomb radiocarbon in skeletonized human remains generally indicates a date of death before 1950.