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Synonyms for skeleton

Synonyms for skeleton

a preliminary plan or version, as of a written work

Synonyms for skeleton

something reduced to its minimal form

Related Words

a scandal that is kept secret

the hard structure (bones and cartilages) that provides a frame for the body of an animal

the internal supporting structure that gives an artifact its shape

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The Kimber Stainless Ultra Raptor II has a skeletonized, aluminum trigger with stainless steel rails and a vertically serrated front face.
Springs have been changed, guide rods have been added, hammers and triggers have been skeletonized, slides have been tightened, match barrels have been fitted, and glass smooth trigger pulls achieved.
At that time the AKS-74 with skeletonized side-folding stock, along with several other representatives on the AK-74 rifle family, was the main service rifle of the Soviet Airborne Forces and Spetsnaz.
With its skeletonized lightning bolt trigger blade, a twist of a standard screwdriver enables the LBA trigger to adjust from two to seven pounds.
Back-up iron sights, one-to-one optics, tactical scopes, lighting devices, forend rail mounts, telescoping and skeletonized stocks, lasers, tactical slings, magazines and carry bags are just a few of the accessories you can provide to your law enforcement customers and maximize your bottom line.
If you weren't watching, it was first thing to be stolen, as many soldiers adopted it for their AKS-74 skeletonized stocks.
The skeletonized, lightweight trigger is fully adjustable for over travel with a turn or two of one of the Allen wrenches included with the gun.
The skeletonized design leaves the backstrap open and adds little to the width of the stock Glock grip, so it will fit most duty holsters.
This pistol's trigger is the aluminum, match-grade version: skeletonized, with serrations on the face.
Furniture: Folding stocks, either a black polymer stock (SGL31-94) or a skeletonized metal stock (SGL31-84); black polymer pistol grip designed by Arsenal specifically for use on AK rifles with a grip reinforcement plate.
The rifle's side-folding skeletonized stock undoubtedly helps lower weight, as does the fact that almost the entire rifle is constructed of polymer except for the bolt, bolt carrier, barrel and other small parts such as springs.
Included in the Potbelly's tan nylon sheath is a sleeve housing the Johnson's Adventure Piggyback, a small, skeletonized stainless steel skinner (6" overall with a 2.
40 S&W, the double-/single-action pistol has ambidextrous controls, three-dot sights, skeletonized hammer, lightweight frame, integral accessory rail, full-length claw extractor, firing pin block safety and a tactile loaded chamber indicator.