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Images were described by their anatomic features and, for illustration purposes, were accompanied by a photograph of the gross anatomy of the corresponding skeletal structures (Fig 4).
Nevertheless, there are no studies regarding the effect of sedimentation on the skeletal structure of corals and the implications in coral survival.
In addition to its formal references to dirigibles and satellites, the Sputnik lamp has a skeletal structure that borrows construction methods from early aircraft.
Skeletal structure alters, with intervertebral discs flattening, the spine shortening and cartilage changes bring flattening of the feet with foot-spread, new foot pressure points and resultant bunions and callosities.
Most fossils show the organisms' skeletal structure, which may or may not give researchers accurate pictures of these prehistoric organisms.
The model is to be equipped with a power-operated roof that can be opened in around 20 seconds and will use a D-Frame skeletal structure that is three times stiffer than the chassis used on the original model.
We simply can't enjoy the fullness of life without a form, some skeletal structure on which to hang the flesh of our days.
A child should not carry more than one-fifth of his body weight on his back to keep the spine and skeletal structure strong and upright.
One year later Deborah, of Sleaford, Lincs, was diagnosed with osteoporosis, which left her with the skeletal structure of a 92-year-old woman, heart problems, high blood pressure p and high cholesterol.
By their early 20s, most dancers' skeletal structure has finished developing.
Over a cold drink, we marvel at the native Churer's apocalyptic visions in his biomechanical-style bar, where the walls and ceiling resemble the skeletal structure of a whale's womb.
We understand the skeletal structure of the universe quite well," says Chakrabarti, of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.
Both of these videos serve as guides to learning more about what is underneath a drawing of the human figure: the skeletal structure and the overlaying muscles.
The difficulty comes in the intense concentration required to truly become aware of one's own skeletal structure and applying this to the exercises.
Today's heritage turkeys reach a marketable weight in roughly 28 weeks, giving the birds time to develop a strong skeletal structure and healthy organs prior to building muscle mass.