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Organizations interested in learning more about Gemedy SKEIN should contact sales@gemedy.
What if you don't notice the variations until you've wound the skeins into cakes or even swatched, and now you're stuck with those skeins?
Professor Stefan Lucks, a member of the Skein design team, said, "Speaking for the Skein design team, we're very impressed by this work.
Haugen recommends that the egg skein be removed from ocean-caught fish within five minutes of the time it's caught.
Yet the pubcaster continues to attract sizeable auds with weekly series such as its long-running crime drama "Tatort," "Um himmels willen," about a group of nuns living in a convent in Bavaria, and medical skein "In aller freundschaft.
Nick is also producing "Julie and the Phantoms," the first skein it is making in Brazil, with a Spanish version debuting in March in Spanish-speaking Latin America.
20 stylish designs made with a single ball or skein of yarn makes for an outstanding collection of wraps, gloves, and even jewelry.
Cheryl Potter's SPECIAL LITTLE KNITS FROM JUST ONE SKEIN (9781564777195, $29.
You need 1 skein each pink and orange, G/6 crochet hook, 1 button, yarn needle Directions Row 1: Chain 23 in pink, and single crochet in each chain stitch across.
What hardly any of them know, however, is the myth of Theseus and Ariadne, so awkwardly combined here with the fairy tale as to leave even adult viewers questioning what the Greek legend added other than an interesting opportunity to weave a labyrinth out of a skein of thread and a second scary monster, the horned Minotaur (danced by Jeff Moen).
If you compare one row to an adjacent row, you may not be able to discern much of a difference in shade, but when you look at the change over many rows (compare the top row of the swatch to the bottom row) you can see how the color develops as you work your way through the skein.
Home and Away" producer and one-time thesp Cameron Welsh says his skein regularly handles inquiries from Stateside agents about cast members, and attributes the show's star-making nature to the simple fact that the skein has to film five episodes per week.
com From a host of knitwear designers comes a title focusing on what can be made with one skein of yarn--and the options are surprisingly many.
Hand-dyed yarns, however, are less consistent: skeins dyed together may take the color differently, dye may saturate different parts of the same skein differently, or the same colorway might look very different from batch to batch.
This skein also shows how China is opening up to foreign ideas in a way that overseas companies can benefit from.