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a brace that extends from the rear of the keel to support the rudderpost

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We learned to dodge under the board as it flashed overhead, mindful of its sharp skeg.
It is too heavy for a leash and the skeg is triangular, solid and similar in shape to a shark's fin.
Kristiansen says one of the proposals under consideration is a skeg, an appendage to the bottom of a ship's keel to help improve steering stability.
30pm Hip hop featuring Oshin the Nomad from 57th dynasty, The Breakin Bread foundation crew and Skeg and Rob Life.
org The Island of the Skeg, adapt: Linda Daughtery from Steven Kellogg.
The transom version should have a skeg at the after end of the keel built up from 3" boards or cedar strip-stock.
A bulkhead or a section of the plating would be a task of its own as would making some of the parts such as skeg, rudder, bollards, etc.
Scribe the bottom edge of the skeg (Z) (Photo 7), using a compass to match the hull's profile.
This is actually a fail-safe built to protect you from another potential trouble spot: If you've drifted into shallow water, you might want that engine tilted up to putt back safely into the channel--and you surely don't want it automatically dropping your skeg and prop onto the rocks.
Below the waterline lurks a thoroughly modern and rather aggressive looking deep T-shaped bulb keel and skeg hung rudder.
There was a fresh gouge in the cement ramp, a broken piece of skeg on the ground and a two-blade SS prop (formerly a three-blade) on what was left of his lower unit.
Mods include the Mike Smith gap seals, yaw skeg and tail bulkhead plus D'Shannon IO-550B and baffles with GAMIjectors.
Heading upstream, the motor tilted up to negotiate the shallow water, skeg and prop grinding and grudging through gravel and sand, rounding one river bend and then another, the trees and brush along the bank becoming dense sense of immediate time begins to fade.
This boat is fitted with a skeg, and the only downside is a tendency for this to jam when launching on coarse sandy beaches
A new product--called the Blackfin Skeg that was launched by Re: The Outdoors of Birmingham, Ala.