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Godolphin have nine entries including several recruits such as Kite Wood, winner of the Autumn Stakes when with Michael Jarvis, La De Two, who was formerly trained by Barry Hills and Racing Post Trophy third Skanky Biscuit, who has been recruited from the Meehan stable.
But can't I just delete my incendiary blog post about hating Rosie O'Donnel or my skanky Halloween costume pics or my drunken love ode to my best friend's ex-girlfriend?
The desperation-tinged merry go-round of drugs, drama, dancing and subsequent hysterical recriminations take place in the skanky student-style flat of Carl's friend Jen (Brookie's Sarah White).
If it's turbid and skanky, folks will presume it's contaminated and treat it as such.
When in the clear he quickened up impressively but veered left, hampering stablemate Skanky Biscuit who finished third.
A WEEK on and my knickers are still in a twist about my ex and his manky, skanky new girl.
I did myself more harm than good staying out there so I had to get back in, it just wasn't worth continuing; it was cold, my hands were hurting a bit from a few real skanky shots.
Sex and the City" updates us on the coven of skanky spinsters who long ago moved to Manhattan to find "labels and love" (there apparently being no stores or men in Minnesota, or wherever).
If she only wears white cotton undies, a skanky red thong may not sit well with her.
I think too many people get shit and get called skanky or a whore just because they are sexual.
The other production values are equally well-observed, if inevitably lower-key: Hartley T A Kemp's lighting subtly focuses the action and shifts it credibly from day to night, and Leonore McDonagh's costumes are suitably skanky, particularly Gillen's sublimely horrible purple polyester slacks.
Even his ex-mother-in-law wants him to have custody, rather than her skanky daughter Maya (Malinda Williams), who has taken up with a violent drug dealer.
The oddest diptych--and that's saying a lot--expresses the pop icon's duality: On the left Madonna slumps into a sumptuous red gown and miterlike headdress, evoking one of Bacon's screaming popes or Gary Oldman's Dracula--her animated midsection pulsing, froglike; on the right she's splayed out on a skanky cot, wildly "vogue-ing" her arms, her mouth twitching rapidly, like a deranged robot.
It is a way for a woman with desperate financial need to make quick cash--to do so with relative anonymity, to do so without doing anything too skanky and without doing anything illegal, and then to get out of it," he said.
At least when girls are there, they're cool and you can talk to them, and they aren't some skanky sorority chicks that ain't having nothing to do with your smelly skate-shirt wearing ass.