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Synonyms for skank

any substance considered disgustingly foul or unpleasant

a rhythmic dance to reggae music performed by bending forward and extending the hands while bending the knees

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Its predominant bouncy reggae rhythms and skanking brass will appeal to the No Doubt set, but there's also jacked-up EZ listening like the delightful "Everything, s Just Wonderful" (and, no, it isn't), as well as soft rock and lurching jazz.
In the latest installment of its delightful series celebrating 50 years of Jamaican music from pioneering reggae producer Clement ``Coxsone'' Dodd's Studio One label, Heartbeat Records once again digs up embryonic reggae bringing together Jamaican-accented gospel, r&b and blues with skanking backup from the jazz-trained Studio One session band.
One of the American guys was saying about a player skanking and now you are going on about widdling.
With yet another packed Kings Dock skanking in their seats and cheering in the chairs, this was a fun-soaked and feelgood concert that encapsulated the spirit of the festival.
During the fleeting moments when proceedings were slowed down to a comfortable skanking pace, the Bosstones sounded worthy of licking the boots of say, Terry Hall or Suggs.
And like the Specials, you find yourself skanking up a storm to the energetic and bouncy feel of Time Bomb, only to be blown away by the lyrics: ,
Heard on Gold are 14 of that album's selections, from the morality play "Date Rape," the smoothly skanking "Badfish" and the barbed title track to "KRS-One," honoring the socially-conscious rapper, and inventive covers of the Grateful Dead's "Scarlet Begonias," the Jamaican standard "Rivers Of Babylon" and the '80s novelty "Smoke Two Joints.
With both singers currently doing the rounds separately, Wakeling has taken the band's US name to distinguish the two but there was no doubting he was the real deal, cranking out a thrilling set that had the packed-out venue skanking from the off.
Madness @ Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff (November 30) [bar] MAYBE it's a generational thing, but those of you old enough to remember 2Tone classics like Embarrassment, One Step Beyond and Night Boat To Cairo the first time around probably still can't resist skanking around the house like a Doc Martens-wearing dervish whenever they come on the radio.
SKANKING THE NIGHT AWAY: Fans (above, from left) Sam and Tim Hajdillo from Leamington, Phil Beatson (DJ Nutty Beats (left) and brother Paul Beatson (right), and Jackie Smith (left) and Lisa Carson from Coundon, who had waited 30 years to to the band
Many of the songs, for example, Country Road, his version of John Denver's Take Me Home, Country Roads and Pressure Drop - were nice easy skanking reggae tracks that built the crowd into a warm summer mood.
VERY HAPPY: Jodie and Brook zyHUD090109cowanpics-7; LOVE YOU ALWAYS BABES: Jenny and Dane zyHUD090109cowanpics-14; LOVE MIRFIELD GALS BABY: Kim, Dani, Jess, Kim and Kate zyHUD090109cowanpics-2; HUD LIKE WOH: Sam Tom and Elliot zyHUD090109cowanpics-1; WE LOVE YOU: Danielle and Amy zyHUD090109cowanpics-12; BIG UP TO THE MIRFIELD CREW: Kelly, Jess, Lewis and Jimmy zyHUD090109cowanpics-18; SKANKING 4 THE NEW YEAR: Marc, Millie and Andy zyHUD090109cowanpics-19; 2009 SURVIVAL: Shane and Suse zyHUD090109cowanpics-4; HAPPY NEW YEAR: From the Sowood crew zyHUD090109cowanpics-3; THIS YEAR IS NEW: And we're happy - Richard, Graeme and Stanka zyHUD090109cowanpics-6; HAPPY NY: Ellie, Amy and Katie zyHUD090109cowanpics-11.