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Synonyms for sizeable

Synonyms for sizeable

fairly large


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large in amount or extent or degree

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Woods teams up with surprise wild-card choice Paul Azinger against Darren Clarke, who thrashed him in the 2000 Accenture World Match Play final, and Thomas Bjorn, the Dane who wore him down in a four-day head-to-head in last year's Dubai Desert Classic, in the first of four intriguing match-ups which have the bookies sizeably at odds.
Bolton's raging storm by now had blown itself out and with Grant calling the shots, West Brom grew sizeably in stature.
It took all of Leicester's considerable cup expertise to stay afloat, although referee Steve Lander awarded the penalty count sizeably in their favour.
On one hand, giving privilege to bilateral aid goes against the principles of the Maastricht Treaty, whose objective is to strengthen cohesion between European member states; on the other, the French argue that it makes little sense for Europe to reduce its aid in real terms to the ACP, and Sub-Saharan Africa in particular, when the assistance to both Eastern European and Mediterranean countries is being sizeably increased.
I am hoping the scope and capabilities will enlarge, hence business will sizeably be bigger, then we can rotate and reassign without actually having to terminate people, specially Emiratis.
What both press conferences clearly illustrated was that the difference between the teams is sizeably more than the five-point margin Europe won by.
The Prime Minister's general approach has been that instead of fighting, they (Ambanis) should patch up as both their groups contribute sizeably to India's economic growth," PMO has stated.
The strategy is part of a longer-term plan the police and others hope will see gun crime on Merseyside sizeably reduced.
If you go for a Spring or Summer wedding, watch venue rates fall and your overall budget shrink sizeably.
They could treble that - and sizeably reduce an overdraft of more than pounds 20m - by selling him.
1) NOVATEK has sizeably reduced gas prices in the highly profitable European regions in order to compete with Gazprom.
Now Celtic are in a position where, if they qualify for the Champions League, they can spend sizeably.
The Chancellor must also support West Midland manufacturers, and indeed businesses up and down the country, by investing more sizeably in the region's desperate transport infrastructure.