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  • adj

Synonyms for sizable

notably above average in amount, size, or scope

Synonyms for sizable

fairly large

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large in amount or extent or degree

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* 60 per cent of respondents surveyed expect the Middle East to see a sizable number of Energy and Resources Chinese outbound M&A investments taking place, ahead of Europe (49 per cent).
BEIRUT: A sizable flock of goats kidnapped by Israeli forces was released back into Lebanon Tuesday, a U.N.
'We want to have a sizable commercial banking operation, as that will help us lower cost of capital,' Dzeng said.
That one exception is China, which has a sizable amount of small aluminum smelters scattered throughout the country.
In a meticulously researched analysis, he shows how the history of American economic development over the last two decades has been decidedly mixed, producing a complex pattern in which a sizable proportion of hard-working Americans have experienced staG-nating or declining real incomes while another group of highly qualified and skilled workers have enjoyed improvements in standards of living.
WHILST I applaud Mr Ellis's insistence on having a cast iron assurances that there will be a "sizable kitty available for signing new players", I do not remember Mr Ellis ever giving such a cast iron assurance himself.
The book's 144 pages are separated into sections for basic appetizers, light bites, mezzo bites, sizable bites and sweet bites.
In fact, in 2004 there was a sizable increase in the use of pension plan advisers.
Police explain they are more than a bit curious as to the source of the sizable stash.
Yet at the time he owned sizable chunks of The Washington Post and other papers.
Wells III, president of Wells Real Estate Funds, Inc., the transaction is an exercise in strategic portfolio management, taking a sizable portion of the $5.1 billion Wells REIT portfolio full cycle, and is the largest single sales transaction in history exercised by a nontraded REIT.
This forecast hinges crucially on optimistic nominal GDP growth assumptions and sizable proceeds from planned privatisations.
This exhibition, organized by freelance curator Barbara Steffens, brings together a sizable group of Bacon's paintings, particularly his triptychs, and juxtaposes them with pertinent works by Velazquez, Titian, Ingres, Degas, and Picasso.