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  • adj

Synonyms for sizable

notably above average in amount, size, or scope

Synonyms for sizable

fairly large

Related Words

large in amount or extent or degree

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IFAC leaders agreed CPAs should caution their clients and companies against making sizable investments in Eastern European countries, which are generally at an early stage in their conversion to market economies.
The dollar also registered sizable declines over the period against a number of other European currencies.
Management's decision to maintain its sizable liquidity position affects impacts these capital ratios negatively.
Available information suggested further sizable gains in business fixed investment.
Fund balances are sizable and, despite small planned drawdowns between 1992 and 1999, the tax stabilization reserve has increased steadily, reaching $87 million or 11.
Available indicators pointed to further sizable gains in spending on both equipment and structures.
The sizable trading allocations awarded to winners have helped attract CTAs who have successfully demonstrated a variety of emerging, accessible, and risk-appropriate investment programs that PFG can help market to meet the demand from clients for diversification strategies," said Herb Kral, director of PFG Managed Futures.
Employment in manufacturing recorded another sizable advance in November, with increases widespread by industry.
The 'AAA' rating reflects the authority's state revolving fund (SRF) program's strong security provided by loan repayments and sizable reserves.
Hiring in the services industries remained strong, with personnel supply agencies posting another sizable increase.
The 'AA' rating reflects AISD's moderate debt levels and capital needs, rapid amortization, sound financial status, and sizable economy.
I refer, in particular, to the sizable adjustments to business and household balance sheets now under way.
Offsetting these positive rating factors are the historically poor underwriting performance and sizable portion of Allianz's surplus represented by its investment in the Fireman's Fund separately managed operating unit.
In market groups, among consumer goods, production of motor vehicles posted another sizable increase; output of other durables, which include appliances, furniture, and carpeting, also rose noticeably for the fourth successive month.
Fitch believes the county will need to demonstrate financial discipline and prudence in order to retain its sound reserve levels while sizable labor costs increase.