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Synonyms for sixties

the decade from 1960 to 1969


the time of life between 60 and 70

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How odd it is that the mythic sixties remain a subject for active love and loathing may be illustrated by contrast.
Channon, who describes himself as a "nonexecutive director" at Norman Court Stud, was influential in the acquisition of the St Leger-winning Sixties Icon.
Alan, who has been presenting the successful show over the last five seasons, said the audience should expect three hours of non-stop Sixties music.
I was more than satisfied with Sixties Icon's work.
It's a pretty worrying set of circumstances when horses aren't firing when the betting suggests they are going to, and a lot of people obviously think Sixties Icon is going to be another.
Lizzie continues in the role of the grandmother and is convinced the sixties will give her plenty to play with.
The crucial distinction between the fifties and sixties lay in word, not in deed.
Business was especially receptive to ideological appeals, Judis argues, because of the economic downturn that began in the late Sixties and accelerated toward the breakpoint of 1973.
The book begins with the proposition that the sixties have not ceased to occupy a distinct position in both European and American interpretation of history and culture.
Since November 1992, they have gnashed their teeth that this creature of the sixties is ruling the country, and they will do almost anything to smear him.
As urban-guerilla-cum-establishment-pol Tom Hayden wrote in his 1988 memoir, Reunion, "Like the American revolutionary period, the awakening of the early sixties was a unique in-gathering of young people.
It offers a series of complementary displays; for example, a presentation of Geometric Abstraction from the 1930s through early sixties includes the Uruguayan School of the South, the Argentine Madi, the Concrete and Neo-Concrete movements of Brazil, and Venezuelan Kineticism.
The Solid Silver Sixties Show features Dave Berry, Chris Farlow, Wayne Fontana and Terry Sylvester, backed by Vanity Fare and The Merseybeats.
JOHNNY MURTAGH is to replace Frankie Dettori on board Sixties Icon in the Japan Cup in Tokyo on November 30.
The swinging Sixties will come under the spotlight in BBC4's new Spring Summer season launched today.