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Synonyms for sixties

the decade from 1960 to 1969


the time of life between 60 and 70

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The first crop of St Leger winner Sixties Icon has yielded nine winners including Chilworth Icon at Group 3 level.
Ronald Reagan had been running against the sixties when he was governor of California and continually spoke out against the excesses of the era when he was president.
So it's time to embrace your inner Twiggy and channel Sixties chic.
The huge changes in music, fashion and culture brought about by the Sixties have left an indelible mark on the world, one which will probably never be equalled.
The huge changes in music, fashion and culture which the Sixties brought about have left an indelible mark on the world, one which will probably never be equalled.
The Batmobile is a faithful recreation of the Sixties originals and was built on a Lincoln Continental chassis in 1988.
IT was the Sixties reborn on Tyneside last night as gear from the decade was dusted down and paraded once again.
A YOUNG lass said to me the other day: "I wish I had been around in the Sixties - it must have been great
74) Both Holmes and Dummitt, in different ways, remind us that some of the most profound social changes of the Sixties were registered not in the realm of high politics, but in the gender relations that shape everyday life.
SIXTIES ICON could be back out again at Newbury on Saturday week following his triumphant return to form in the Glorious Stakes at Goodwood.
The sixties were a time of change for everyone--even Catholic priests.
One thing struck me immediately about the outfits in Swinging Sixties and Vintage Fashion - many of them look much like the fashions filling the shelves of chain stores and directional boutiques today.
IT is back to the sixties at Birmingham's Alexandra Theatre next week as we are told to Go and Play Further Up Your Own End.
While in many respects, the ideology of multiracialism undermines the traditional civil rights movement, in effect, the multiracial movement has benefited immensely from the social gains achieved during the sixties because of the organized civil rights struggle.
He points out that the Greatest Generation came home from World War II to an America that was racially segregated, restricted by sex roles, bigoted against gays and environmentally ignorant, and that it wasn't until the flowering of the Boomers in the sixties that progress in these areas became a reality.