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Synonyms for sixfold

having six units or components

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by a factor of six


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We have just celebrated our second anniversary and according to [Qantas chief executive] Alan Joyce, its partnership with Emirates has brought sixfold more business to the brand compared to its previous partnership," Barry Brown, Emirates' Divisional Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations for Far East and Australasia, told Gulf News in an interview.
Major Finding: Patients with migraine with aura had sixfold greater odds of being in the highest fertile for total cholesterol than did patients without headache after adjustment for confounding variables.
Do we really believe that there has been a sixfold increase in the occurrence of ADHD and similar disorders in recent years, or are these drugs being used to treat behavioural patterns that were dealt with in different ways by parents and teachers in the past?
Patients who had chest radiation and no CVRF cluster had a sixfold increased risk of coronary artery disease (OR, 6.
But these days, many are heading to Arabic-speaking countries-like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan-where the number of American students increased sixfold to 3,400 in 2007 from 560 in 2002.
Tocilizumab is used with the standard antiinflammatory drug methotrexate and has been found to improve remission rates sixfold.
But Israeli scientists have found a way to transfer the antioxidants to the juice before skinning - giving the wine a sixfold health boost.
Women with a "low-risk" Framingham heart score who are found to have coronary artery calcification on chest CT have a sixfold greater risk of a coronary event and a fivefold greater risk of a cardiovascular event developing within 4 years than do those with no coronary calcification, investigators have reported.
s (Indianapolis IN) fourth-quarter profit surge more than sixfold from the last quarter of 2006.
After anti-gang efforts failed to stop a sixfold increase in gangs in 30 years, the answer lies in addressing conditions that spawn gang activity, Rice said.
The DC solar modules can boost voltage from a low level to a standard level with a built-in chopper circuit which increases solar module power on the rooftop sixfold over the conventional models.
Greg Zeikus in the June 2002 issue of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, that one could increase power output in MFCs by about sixfold by using mixed microbial communities rather than pure cultures.
COTTAGE GROVE - The planning commission voted 4-3 on Wednesday night to give a green light to a zone change and master plan that would allow a longer season as well as a sixfold increase in attendance at Cottage Grove Speedway.