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Synonyms for six-spot

a playing card or domino or die whose upward face shows six pips


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TOP 10 WALES RANKINGS Meadow Brown (4,808 sightings); Gatekeeper (3,777); Ringlet (1,755); Large White (1,646); Small White (1,310); Small Tortoiseshell (1,296); Peacock (1,044); Red Admiral (974); Six-spot Burnet (965); Speckled Wood (731).
Unlike other moths, six-spot burnets come out during the day, so there's no need to stay awake until the early hours in the hope of seeing them.
Coaches looking for a good, fast multi-purpose drill that combines the ultimate in sprinting/conditioning with the skills of passing, catching, and making layups on the run are invited to try the six-spot layup drill.
The six-spot drill can revive their concentration and make certain that every pass is on target, every ball is caught without fumbling, and every layup is made.
The way we've been scoring runs for a while, when the opposition throws a six-spot on you, it looks fairly overwhelming, believe me.