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a pistol with a revolving cylinder (usually having six chambers for bullets)

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How about finding yourself at the range holding fistfuls of short-barreled magnum six-guns, standing on the 50 yard line, while a bevy of professional shooters watch in awe as you make mince meat out of the ten ring--off hand of course?
Of course we're told that desperadoes and lawmen of the Wild West loaded only five rounds in their six-guns because they were such careful and caring lads.
Thirty years have passed since the NM Super Blackhawk was introduced, yet its design is superbly modern and its appearance remains somewhat futuristic for a single action six-gun.
To make this new six-gun affordable, Smith engineers did away with the high-polished bluing, and instead applied a durable matte or brush blue finish.
Whichever the case with the six-gun you are examining, make sure the firing pin hole is free from burrs and dings that could possibly interfere with ignition of primers.
The dressing room is the panic room at Goodison now after the season started on Saturday with a six-Gun salute.
Six-Gun Two-Step is a dark, brutal novel of suspense following the decidedly anti-heroic Timmy Thomas, a mid-20's man who supplements the meager income from his dead-end job by dealing cocaine, when he's not using the drug on himself.
Within less than two minutes the system can locate and pinpoint more than 40 six-gun artillery batteries and report their locations to higher commands.
It is something seeing him not only on the cow, but he is in a white shirt and tie and wearing a six-gun, probably common for the day, I guess," Savage says.
Such a simplistic worldview conveniently forgets that 1939 also brought such films as Death Rides the Range, Six-Gun Rhythm, and The Man They Could Not Hang, advertised with the tagline, "Boris Karloff dares you to see this holocaust of horror
Traditionalists may prefer a good ol' six-gun for their hunting partner.
Roland Deschain is a gunslinger, the last of a race of six-gun wielding knights tasked with keeping the peace in Midworld.
On the docket for the week were all the favorite old haunts: Story Land (in Jackson), Santa's Village (in Jefferson), Whale's Tale Water Park (in Lincoln), and Six-Gun City & Fort Splash (also Jefferson), supplemented by plenty of miniature golf at Pirate's Cove and Hobo Junction.
To quote the great American folk singer Woody Guthrie: 'Some men rob you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen.
The hearse was flanked by military police outriders and following the service a six-gun salute paid tribute to Mr Titchener.