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a pistol with a revolving cylinder (usually having six chambers for bullets)

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We wrapped the week up with wonderful stops at Six-Gun City (where Julie finally sunk her first mini-golf hole-in-one) and Whale's Tale (where the new "Eye of the Storm" slide undoubtedly qualifies as the heart-pounder of the day).
To quote the great American folk singer Woody Guthrie: 'Some men rob you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen.
The hearse was flanked by military police outriders and following the service a six-gun salute paid tribute to Mr Titchener.
After the service, the coffin was taken to a nearby cemetery for burial where a six-gun salute was fired.
This issue also looked at a new weapon that operates bike a western six-gun.
Add to that Davenport's pounds 2,275 pick-up from the mixed - she retired after the third round with partner Todd Woodbridge - and her total reward for the fortnight comes out to pounds 495,660 compared to Six-gun Pistol Pete's pounds 455,000.
If there was any real problem, you needed to solve it yourself -- usually by strapping on your six-gun and walking out into the noonday sun.
Prices start at $3,999 for the six-gun oak cabinet and range to $5,279 for the twelve-gun model in northern cherry.
I still cling to separation of head stamps with six-gun cartridges.
A terrific cast delivered the story of buckskin-clad Calamity Jane and her secret love with real power, smart acting and joyful singing of memorable numbers like The Black Hills of Dakota, The Deadwood Stage and The Windy City Grammar School girl Georgina Jones, who is hoping to pursue a stage career, excelled in the role of Calamity Jane, a six-gun toting gal with the reputation of being careless with the truth, and with an eye on handsome cavalry officer Lt Danny Gilmartin (Dan Anketell).
A six-gun salute just before 2pm UK time signalled the moment King Hussein's body, wrapped in a simple white shroud, was lowered into the ground before his eldest son and heir, King Abdullah II.
Congressman Peter DeFazio's Republican challenger, Jim Feldkamp, is standing in the dusty cow town street, calling on DeFazio to strap on his six-gun and walk through the swinging saloon doors to the showdown outside.
New Mexico state legislator Ben Rios said it was time to forgive Henry McCarty - also known as William Bonney or Billy the Kid - who killed several lawmen at a time when six-gun showdowns were part of day-to-day life.
The figure is clothed in an authentic Rough Riders uniform with riding boots and polka-dot bandana, and comes with a toy replica of a six-gun and holster, an American flag and flagpole, and a special display stand.
The S&W Combat Magnum, the Model 19 now, was the first S&W double-action six-gun to have a cylinder long enough to use the Keith bullet properly crimped in magnum brass.