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a stringed instrument of India

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Cornered, Salem, Ali, Ahmed and Sittar got out of the car, raised their arms above their heads and shouted that they were journalists.
Ali, Ahmed and Sittar were grabbed by the soldiers and shoved face-down on the floor under the seats of what they came to call "the tank.
The seats were pushed down on top of Ali, Ahmed and Sittar and locked into place.
But Ali, Ahmed and Sittar say the pain of the bouncing ride and pressure from the seats squeezing them made it impossible to keep quiet.
Playing on that social more, Sittar was told to lick the bottoms of the slippers he was wearing, a humiliating gesture.
I am a journalist, and look what they did to me," Sittar says.
According to Additional Deputy Commissioner General (ADC-G) as many as nine food outlets were sealed including KFC Store, Fresco Shop, Dhaka Shop, Sittar Tikka Shop, Savour Foods, Sharif Tikka, Jhangir Hotel, Regalia and Usmania Restaurant.
The arrested were identified as Duniyazar s/o Shahzar caste Pathan r/o Alokay district Shahngala, Naseeb-ur-Rehman s/o Abdul Sittar caste Pathan r/o Alokay Post Office Martorang district Shahngala and Gull Muhammad Khan s/o Gotay Khan caster Gujjar r/o Kozkalay district Shahngala.
Those who were fined included Chaudhry Riaz (SI/SHO PS Pirwadhai), Tahir Rehan (SHO/SI PS New Town), Khalil Ahmed Bhatti (SI/SHO PS Westridge), Malik Allah Yar (Inspector/SHO PS Sadiqabad), Nadim Zafar (SI/SHO PS Banni), Abid Khan (Inspector/SHO PS Waris KHan), Mohammad Afzal (SI/SHO PS Ratta Amral), Malik Yousaf (Inspector/SHO PS Race Course), Wasim Sarfraz (Inspector/SHO PS Naseerabad), Awais Akram (SI/SHO PS Civil Line), Abdul Sittar Khan (SHO PS Airport), Mohammad Mumtaz (SI/SHO PS Ganjmandi), Malik Sajid (SHO PS Taxila), Yasir Kiyani (SHO PS Wah Cannt), Imran Abbas (SI/SHO PS Wah Saddar), Yar Mohammad (SHO PS Saddar Bairooni), Amir Khan (SHO PS Kahuta) and Malik Rafaqat (SHO PS Murree).
RAWALPINDI -- The court of Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Abdul Sittar Langa on Saturday directed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan to appear in person or send a representative before the court in a defamation case filed by the former PMLN MNA Muhammad Hanif Abbasi.
For Mansoor Rahi Synergy is a melody, he has used the harsh medium of marker making the outline of the shape that is the artists equalency of the beat by Tabla, then complementing these marker shapes with the soft graphite, which according to Rahi is the visual substitute of Sittar.
Additional Secretary and Spokesman of Pakistan Post office Fazle Sittar talking to reporter informed that to cater the requirement of the postal clientele and to offer a value added facility to the users of postal services, Pakistan has since made available carton boxes of 2 sizes and UMS envelopes of 4 sizes to the post offices for packing of UMS/EMS products.