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a visit in an official capacity to examine a site to determine its suitability for some enterprise

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This was Milisits' second site visit since returning to PVA, but she participated in 20-25 site visits during her initial stint.
There was unanimous agreement among planning committee members for a site visit before a final decision is made.
Set your agenda: Your vendor site visit objective is a consistent agenda by which each sourcing provider follows and allows for you to gain first-hand experiences in the specific set of solution components that each provider wrote in their RFP response.
"Site visits are arduous and time consuming enough, with some members showing reluctance to give the time to undertake these important visits.
"We could easily have made our own ways to Whitworth Hall from various parts of the county and met there for the site visit."
The company stated that the main objective of the site visit, scheduled towards the latter end of the week, is to assess the well logs from the Dahlstrom well and progress on Phase 1 of the multi phase work-over on the Lockhart project.
Coun Neal said: "I do believe it's essential to have a site visit. This is a huge development in the middle of a residential estate.
"Accordingly, a site visit by the Conservation Commission is not subject to the Open Meeting Law, (so) posting of a notice is not required and there is no requirement to permit third parties to participate in the site visit," he wrote in an e-mail to the board.
Details: Municipal officials interested in participating in this site visit should send an e-mail no later than March 16 to expressing interest in the event.
Councillors at a Wansbeck regulatory committee meeting agreed to undertake the site visit before any decision is taken.
Objectors and supporters of a contentious Redcar flats plan can have their say when councillors make a site visit.
A site visit team generally consists of a team chairman and a team member or apprentice.
In this way, a research team was represented by at least one of its members during each site visit and this person conducted most of the interviews of interest to the research team.
SEVIS requires that each school receive a site visit from INS prior to certification.
Additionally, taxpayers should include a site visit for projects under construction, ideally after the contractor completes the rough carpentry, plumbing and electrical work, but prior to "finish" of work.
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