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a stomach exercise in which a person sits up from a supine position without using the arms for leverage

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SIT-UPS Lie on the ground or on a yoga mat, keeping your knees bent and the feet on the mat.
2004) conducted a study that examined the effect of a 16 week sit-up and biceps curl training program on various respiratory measures including diaphragm thickness, maximum inspiratory pressure (MIP) and maximum expiratory pressure (MEP).
And as he entered his final hour of sit-ups and his struggle for success began to dim due to a number of variables, one constant remained throughout the marathon -- his brilliant smile.
Formed by leading executives from the broadcast and retail industries, sit-up was the UK's fastest growing TV retailer in 2004 and has developed a portfolio of screen commerce channels that currently consists of bid tv, price-drop tv, speed auction tv and Screenshop, which are available via digital satellite, cable and, in the case of bid tv and price-drop tv, digital terrestrial television and the Internet.
8m write down at its home shopping arm, said Sit-up was not essential to its business - while the consumer downturn had also prompted the decision to sell.
And after netting the title for the most sit-ups in five minutes from US endurance athlete James Clark, he carried on to pick up the title in the 10, 15 and 30-minute categories.
The study showed a significant 72 percent increase in abdominal endurance (measured by how many additional sit-ups a subject could complete) and an average 49 percent increase in abdominal strength.
During his 30-hour sit-up marathon, he will have his own "pit crew" from the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club who will assist him in this remarkable feat.
He didn't look very impressed with the sit-up idea.
This may only happen for a couple of seconds during each sit-up, but it's enough to bulk up the muscles, creating a round belly.
Session Two Complete the following sequence three times aiming for maximum repetitions: 1 minute of press-ups 1 minute of alternate leg lunges 1 minute of sit-ups 1 minute of burpees 1 minute of rest Session Four Complete the following sequence four times as quickly as possible: Run, cycle or row for 3 minutes 1 minute of squats 1 minute plank hold/bridge - hold for 20 seconds x 3 1 minute of press ups Monitor progress by noting distances covered and number of repetitions.
Gyllenhaal is believed to have done around 2,000 sit-ups and around five hours of training a day to get in shape for the role.
Robyn Gardener decided she wanted a flatter tummy and compiled a 30-day programme for June consisting of sit-ups, crunches, leg raises and planks.
She said that she would also do a couple of sit-ups, push-ups and stretch herself and would also wear many dresses, as she is getting offers from several designers.