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a stomach exercise in which a person sits up from a supine position without using the arms for leverage

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We hypothesized performing a sit-up bout to fatigue would produce a decrease in MEP (abdominal muscles being primarily expiratory), the incremental breathing test, the MIP measurement and elicit no change in FVC.
We needed a solution with the flexibility to meet our unique requirements, and the scalability to grow with the business," commented John Egan, Founding Director of sit-up Limited.
Paddy will have to complete five hours of cycling, running, sit-ups and chest presses in his next attempt at Gleasons gym, in Brooklyn, on August 5.
A ALONG with the majority of people who exercise, you are almost certainly doing the sit-ups incorrectly.
Nandgokar pulled up the cabbie, made him do sit-ups and shot a video of the entire incident, before posting it on his Facebook page.
The mahout, identified as Jhunna Shukla, came drunk, stood before the tusker and ordered it to do sit-ups immediately.
Gravy (100ml) - 5 minutes of push-ups or 3 minutes skipping - 18 minutes running or minutes walking Bread sauce (portion) - 24 minutes walking or 11 minutes swimming Sprouts (90g) - 4 minutes running or 8 minutes cycling Carrots (60g) - 2 minutes skipping or 3 minutes of push-ups Parsnips (28g) - 4 minutes of sit-ups or 4 minutes of push-ups Prosecco (125ml) - 11 minutes running or 29 minutes walking Check out how to work off what you've eaten at www.
On the third day of the event the sit-ups competition was contested by 325 athletes, belonging to Army teams of 14 countries.
A 10-year-old school girl from Fox Hill Elementary School in Kansas City, recorded a whopping 2,110 sit-ups in just 90 minutes.
Session Two Complete the following sequence three times aiming for maximum repetitions: 1 minute of press-ups 1 minute of alternate leg lunges 1 minute of sit-ups 1 minute of burpees 1 minute of rest Session Four Complete the following sequence four times as quickly as possible: Run, cycle or row for 3 minutes 1 minute of squats 1 minute plank hold/bridge - hold for 20 seconds x 3 1 minute of press ups Monitor progress by noting distances covered and number of repetitions.
Gyllenhaal is believed to have done around 2,000 sit-ups and around five hours of training a day to get in shape for the role.
Robyn Gardener decided she wanted a flatter tummy and compiled a 30-day programme for June consisting of sit-ups, crunches, leg raises and planks.
Captain Ian Flannery pledged to do as many sit-ups as possible in two-and-hours in aid of the Captain James Philippson Trust Fund.
In that study, researchers measured the children's fitness based on measures of hand strength, leg strength, run times, sit-ups, and physical work capacity at 170 beats per minute (PWC170).
Farah performed sit-ups after the finish in tribute to Bolt, who had staged a press-up routine after winning the 200m.