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a strike in which workers refuse to leave the workplace until a settlement is reached

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The last session of the stylish weekend was the Cosmo X Kukoon sit-down dinner, with a curated guest list of some of city's well-known faces and industry influencers.
The best-known early sit-down strikes were in Ohio.
Though hundreds of workers held a sit-down, officers from the United Rubber Workers (URW) persuaded them to leave.
This began the great wave of 1937 sit-down strikes.
There were 60 sit-down strikes in Chicago in the month of March alone.
It was repeated hostility by union officials that threw ice water on the sit-down movement.
The sit-down occupation best known to Americans was at Republic Windows and Doors in December 2008.
Between 1933 and 1936, the practice of sit-downs grew among Akron rubber workers.
Sit-downs at Fisher Body plants in Cleveland and Detroit caught the owners totally unprepared.
And there were sit-downs at hotels, lumberyards, tobacco plants, and electrical factories.
Sit-downs were successful even though unions had just been decimated by the Great Depression.
In fact, sit-downs sometimes occurred because people distrusted union officials.
But both management and union leaders are caught unprepared by sit-downs. Management must respond quickly because the action brings production to a grinding halt.
If you ask, "Why did sit-downs come to a halt in the US?" you may hear that it was because a Supreme Court ruling made them illegal.