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maintain the same position

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Ray Boulger, senior technical manager at John Charcol, said: "People looking for a fixed rate mortgage should sit tight because I think we are going to see rates get a bit lower.
In cases where everybody is struggling to agree you're a bit nervous about whether it is the right deal and you say let's sit tight and see what happens.
My advice to bill payers is to sit tight and see how the other energy giants react.
AAI Acquisitions says it still plans to certify the A700 very light jet but the "unprecedented" global economic situation has forced the company to sit tight for now.
Fierce competition in the equity release market, following the decision of many older homeowners to sit tight until storms pass, has led to a dramatic fall in their interest rates, says Key Retirement Solutions.
EX-BLUES boss Terry Cooper has urged Steve Bruce to learn from his experiences and sit tight amid the uncertainty of a St Andrew's takeover.
Dimitri Kafizas, llengela's case worker at the Coventry refugee centre, said: "Her mum's been in to see us asking what she can do and who she can speak to, but all we can tell her to do is sit tight until we've heard from the solicitor.
Delta's official creditors' committee is likely to sit tight until they have a chance to review Delta's stand-alone plan and any competing bids that may follow.
They're going to have to be monitoring where the fallout is going, and I think for most communities the safest thing is to sit tight and wait it out.
We are going to sit tight and monitor the situation," she said.
In real estate, you sit tight and wait for things to move.
The partners, sensing your conservative bias, come to a consensus: We'll play it safe and sit tight for the time being.
The Alliance & Leicester found that nine out of 10 people it surveyed plan to sit tight and do nothing with their shares until the New Year.
In short, this is a time when traditional market leaders can either stretch their leads or sit tight while aggressive new leaders emerge from the middle of the pack.
Conversely, SMART will ask volunteers in its drug conservation arm to sit tight as their CD4 T cell counts fall to uncomfortable lows before intervening with treatment.