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maintain the same position

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"They're also prepared to sit tight and wait for the opposition to make a mistake before pouncing.
London, Apr 12( ANI ): England fast bowler Tim Bresnan, who is currently in the Maldives for his wedding, had to sit tight and hope that the tsunami didn't reach Maldives after news of the earthquake in Indonesia.
The Firenock arrow indicated a low hit, so I planned to sit tight for a long while.
The group said the rise reflected an increase in activity from potential buyers, as well as a shortage of properties coming on to the market, as many homeowners decided to sit tight.
HOUSEHOLDERS were yesterday advised to "sit tight" and see how other energy companies react after British Gas yesterday slashed its standard tariff by 10%.
AAI Acquisitions says it still plans to certify the A700 very light jet but the "unprecedented" global economic situation has forced the company to sit tight for now.
Fierce competition in the equity release market, following the decision of many older homeowners to sit tight until storms pass, has led to a dramatic fall in their interest rates, says Key Retirement Solutions.
EX-BLUES boss Terry Cooper has urged Steve Bruce to learn from his experiences and sit tight amid the uncertainty of a St Andrew's takeover.
Delta's official creditors' committee is likely to sit tight until they have a chance to review Delta's stand-alone plan and any competing bids that may follow.
"We are going to sit tight and monitor the situation," she said.
"In real estate, you sit tight and wait for things to move.
The partners, sensing your conservative bias, come to a consensus: We'll play it safe and sit tight for the time being.
While other technology markets take a "sit tight" approach, those of us in the SAN business are enjoying a relatively aggressive market, where investments in networked storage are translating directly into corporate advantages.
"More homeowners may be reacting to the current economic and political uncertainty and choosing to sit tight and consolidate their current property assets rather than move at this particular time."
The Alliance & Leicester found that nine out of 10 people it surveyed plan to sit tight and do nothing with their shares until the New Year.