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I bet I'm not the only one that was told to sit down either.
As the first chords of Sit Down echoed out the audience screamed it word for word while bouncing up and down like Zebedee.
"I had a half an hour sit down in the morning and another 30 minutes in the afternoon, plus a five minute tea break, but the rest of the time I was on my feet."
Levitan offers her checklist for gay men and lesbians who are planning to sit down with their own estate lawyer.
Admittedly there is a vociferous debate at the moment about the pros and cons of a buffet compared to a sit down meal.
When the time comes I am sure the board will sit down and have some talks with me.
Lambert has now reconsidered and O'Neill said: "I'll be happy to sit down with him and look at things with a view to getting him to stay on for at least another year.
Norman said: 'My friend and went to sit down on the benches in the stand only to be told that no-one sits down at Glenafton.
Sit down a couple of months before Christmas and work out how much extra spending you can get away with ( this means how much of your money you can spend, not how much debt you can run up.
However, when they get to sit down and have something to eat, it's not a pleasure at all.
Nursing home worker Paul Rowlands, 35, was on the dance floor, at Tynewydd Labour Club, with his partner Andrew Conn, when he was told to sit down or leave.
What, what?" So she goes, "OK, sit down." "I don't wanna sit down." "Oh, well, I've noticed that you ...
"We will sit down with him for talks once he has returned to the club from international duty in Sweden."