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He said: "She asked me to sit down and I thought that was unfair because I hadn't been able to make my point of order.
Jeff Thomas | If I want to sit down I will watch it at home.
The study reported that about 87percent of children and young people sit down with their family at mealtimes, but while almost 74 percent of families chat at mealtimes every day, some 7 percent admitted to eating their meals in silence almost everyday.
And I felt his pain because I myself have, for a long time, hungered for nothing more than the chance to just sit down.
No thought has gone into these seats, it seems they do not want you to sit down.
Sit Down is a touring exhibition from the V&A Museum of Childhood, in London.
Holding a small bottle of water, sit down or stand with your feet hip-width apart and your back straight, slowly bend your arm at the elbow in a bicep curl.
With their early hits Sit Down and Come Home, James revelled in the dizzy heights of the early 1990s Manchester club scene.
ACTORS DON'T always know why they've been cast in certain roles, but Kenan Thompson is perfectly aware of how he landed the part of acting principal Sue Sezno on Fox's new high school-themed animated series, Sit Down, Shut Up.
NEWCASTLE chairman Chris Mort has told manager Kevin Keegan they will sit down to discuss cash once Premier League safety is assured.
It's not healthy to never sit down and strategize,'' she said, noting that delegations from Pennsylvania, Texas, New York and Florida are among those holding regular sit-downs.
She brushed the hair off of a turquoise blue barber seat and pointed for us to sit down.
IF YOU SEE a professional skateboarder (or a totally awesome and recognizable amateur) trying to find a quiet corner to sit down in so he can relax for a second, definitely make a point to go sit down right next to him and start asking him about anything having to do with handrails.
It made me, at night, go home and say I have to sit down tonight and plan .
She wants an alternative means deal with conflict resolution where urban youths sit down and discuss things instead of fighting with guns and knives.