sit back

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Synonyms for sit back

settle into a comfortable sitting position

be inactive or indifferent while something is happening


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The roof is spanned by a series of curved trusses supporting secondary cleated frames that allow the roof plane to sit back from the upper chord of the truss.
Harry Redknapp insists West Ham will not sit back on their three-goal lead tonight in Osijek despite the return of defensive duo Rio Ferdinand and Neil Ruddock to his squad.
Moore admits the Millers are geared for attacking football and insists they will not sit back in the semi-final first leg.
Before Mass begins, you sit back, trying to relax and put your mind in a spiritual state.
Just when it appears the economy is picking up and, maybe, just maybe, we can sit back and enjoy the fruits of our business struggles, a whole new set of problems crops up and takes the edge off the glow.
government, but we cannot sit back and watch the regulators destroy the appraisal reforms enacted by Congress in 1989 that the appraisal profession has worked so hard to achieve.
However, some argue that the proper role for shareholders is to sit back and let the corporation's managers do their job, or that the pursuit of shareholders interests detracts from the concerns of employees or victims of corporate wrongdoing or other stakeholders.
But the most fun is to sit back and enjoy this comedy sport panel show hosted by James Corden.
I have always worked as I'm not the sort of person to sit back and claim JobSeeker's Allowance.
Bend your legs and sit back in to a half squat position keeping your body weight in your heels at all times.
Saunders said: "That's our third game in a week and it just shows that teams come here and sit back.
He's pushing me and I can't sit back because football isn't a game where you can sit back and watch it go by.
THE letter from Mike-Warren-Madden (Feb 14) claims that the "BNP must feel happy knowing they can sit back and relax and let folk like the Archbishop of Canterbury muster up more support for them.
Now we invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy your latest edition of valleynews.
Riggott believes Boro can't afford to sit back in the Estadio Jose de Alvalade.