sit back

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Synonyms for sit back

settle into a comfortable sitting position

be inactive or indifferent while something is happening


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Anyone who would like to donate prizes can call Sit Back Promotions on 07530 180134.
Deep-sea anglers, sit back in your deck chairs, close your eyes, and imagine fighting to land one of the monstrous fish that cruised the seas off South Carolina about 26 million years ago.
Once in awhile I'm looking for a little something different to read, a moment to give my mind a creative break and just sit back with a glass of wine.
If we become too defensive and sit back, then Banik have shown they are capable of scoring goals.
Her laid-back grooves and smooth vocal style invite you to sit back, close your eyes, tap your foot, and drink in the coolness.
Double click and sit back while your order is loaded onto our truck.
It gives people a roadmap so that they can sit back, take stock and make decisions as to how they should proceed.
Be warned, owners will NOT sit back and watch the promoters ruin our sport, the same as we will not sit back and watch the bookmakers take us for mugs.
Another, by Savannah, age 17, starts: "I can sit back now and remember the first time I saw my father beat my mother.
The roof is spanned by a series of curved trusses supporting secondary cleated frames that allow the roof plane to sit back from the upper chord of the truss.
Harry Redknapp insists West Ham will not sit back on their three-goal lead tonight in Osijek despite the return of defensive duo Rio Ferdinand and Neil Ruddock to his squad.
Moore admits the Millers are geared for attacking football and insists they will not sit back in the semi-final first leg.
Before Mass begins, you sit back, trying to relax and put your mind in a spiritual state.
Just when it appears the economy is picking up and, maybe, just maybe, we can sit back and enjoy the fruits of our business struggles, a whole new set of problems crops up and takes the edge off the glow.