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be around, often idly or without specific purpose


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There is also a tradition in places in our country where the mercury level is really known to drop to line a big warm blanket around a heater and sit around it sipping tea and listening to what everyone has to say.
"There are fighters who sit around for two years waiting for the call but I can't do that."
Daniels added: "I don't want to just sit around and spend my career not playing football.
People come in, are offered a cup of tea and they usually, automatically, sit around the kitchen table.
And the truth is that this 18-year-old's six-pack has turned into a beer cask, he is always going to the toilet, he doesn't drink half as much water as he should, and he does sit around a lot.
Sometime I'll just sit around and order food all day.
Because lazy individuals sit around so much, they're fatter than their hard-working pals.
"We shouldn't sit around and wait for another plane to hit a building, or for a train to blow up.
Those people who sit around waiting to be told what to do, and never show any initiative or self-reliance.
"It helped me think of myself as a leader and to realize there's no time to sit around doing nothing."
can't afford to sit around with laboring patients who have received epidurals and are on pitocin.
"It's one thing to sit around the table and be passionate and excited about diversity, but it's another to actually roll up your sleeves and execute it."
"The general public doesn't sit around pondering the division of church and state.
Antin also presented a record of the photographs' making in the form of a video, Shooting Eleanor Antin's Roman Allegories, in which the artist and company eat apples, drink Coke, sit around in curlers, spray hairspray and paint, pretend to become statuary, smoke, impassively dodge joggers on the beach, move around sets, and rush to shoot a scene before the sun sets behind the hills.
Groups of nude women sit around a long dinner table or stand in groups as if waiting for a bus.